Entracte Audio by Designef110newEntracte Audio by Design ef110TLP Audio is pleased to offer Entracte Audio powerline filters designed by Gilbert Yeung, formerly of Blue Circle audio. These new models are designated as follows: EF110, EF120 and EF130. O...429.00

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TLP Audio is pleased to offer Entracte Audio powerline filters designed by Gilbert Yeung, formerly of Blue Circle audio.
These new models are designated as follows: EF110, EF120 and EF130.
Over the past 20 years, TLP Audio has been offering the best value powerline filters from Blue Circle Audio. Therefore, it is only a natural progression for us to offer Gilbert's newest designs as the best performance value possible.
Although the underlying design of the EF series filter is similar to the legacy Blue Circle models, the latest filtering technology is used. The result is a significant improvement from the legacy models. Here are some specifics:
All 3 models are enclosed in a metal chassis, have 6 outlets and include an AWG14 power cord.
The EF110 has 35% more filtering than a BC Double Puck and has a total of 6 outlets, compared to the Double Puck’s 4 outlets, and retails for USD539.00.
The EF120 has 20% more filtering than the BC Fx2x0e and retails for USD819.00.
The EF130 has 36% more filtering power than a BC 6000 and sells for USD1039.00.
Additionally, there is more to these new designs than just filtering power. Specifically, it’s the way these filters work. Today there some products on the market generating noise that gets dumped into powerlines. Some good examples of this are electronic devices using digital power supples, such as computers, and televisions. Also, a few of today’s audiophile-grade power products even generate noise that intentionally pollutes the powerline.
Although this sounds hard to believe, what some companies do is alter the sound rather than clean the powerline. This means they change the sound in such a way that it gives the customer the sound that the audio market expects to hear. The Entracte EF series powerline filters remove powerline noise so that the power that gets to your device is similar to what you’d get if on a noise-free powerline. The Gilbert Yeung-designed powerline conditioners always clean the powerline and let the equipment perform at its best.
The new technology has circuitry that combats this particular problem in addition to the other issues that come from switching power supplies, big industrial motors and other electronic devices that occurs within and outside house. The performance of these new filters has to be heard, or watched on a TV to believe how much better they are compared to the legacy BC models.
Other than electrical improvement, these new units are also housed in a metal chassis to improve noise sheilding from the outside. This results in an even lower noise floor.
A number of folks have asked via e-mail if these are the same filters as the former Blue Circle PLC units. Short answer: Yes and No.
Yes, because these are capacitor based power line filters with no current limit and because they use different values of capacitance to create networks specific to the various frequencies ranges of electrical dirt. Definitely the same general approach.
No, for a number of reasons. First - and most obviously - the EF units are in a metal chassis for better shielding from external noise (Walt already mentioned this). Second, these new units are using a multi-point ground system, implemented for a better and stronger earth to ground path. As an added benefit, the new ground layout has contributed to lower background noise. No question, it's quieter. Third, more advanced capacitance networks are being used, with greater overall filtering power.
The Blue Circle Audio PLC product line taught us much about addressing specific frequency ranges in power line filtration. What Gilbert has designed for us is a unit that is more powerful in terms of filtration, and believe it or not, has a better bang for the buck.
Metal chasis dimensions: 9" long x 4" high x 5" wide All TLP-Audio series EF powerline filters carry a 5 years parts and labor warranty.


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