Amazon TurntableREFERENZusedAmazon Referenz turntableThis Turntable Performs best with the Tri-Planar MK lll TonearmAsk for discounted package price ! Let me start the review first with a brief technical description of the TT. The Amazon Reference ...2938.00

Amazon Referenz turntable [Expired]

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This Turntable Performs best with the Tri-Planar MK lll Tonearm

Ask for discounted package price ! 

Let me start the review first with a brief technical description of the TT. The Amazon Reference is a huge TT which is driven by an external Motor Unit (battery powered) using a string. It is extremely heavy. Compared to the One Model it is using a different bearing and a different platter made out of machined die casted non-ferrous components. 

This table plays both 45.1 and 33.3 rpm but 45rpm to me sounds a bit slow at times, so a new belt and 2 extra battery packs will be provided, I had very few 45 rpm lp's so I never pursued it. If needed contact Amazon Audio directly to:                                                        

Paul-Kornfeld - Weg 31- 60439 Frankfurt am Main - Telefon: +49 69-69524978 or [email protected], Mr. Janssen would be happy to help you rectify the issue. 

Chassis:  The chassis of the drive is made from a special ICI material to ensure virtually no resonance. This is casted material, which has extremely good internal damping features, because of the added extras. We also use 8 LRP elements (Low Resilience Polymer) in our sub-chassis-construction, which decouples the plant level from the base on the one hand, and fights oscillation in the material on the other hand. The LRP elements are arranged in the chassis corners and around the platter bearing. When you compare these to metal spring constructions, there are no longer obnoxious material resonances of the spring or phenomena of sway. The setting up is uncomplicated and quick, because you only have to care about the horizontal adjustment; no additional adjustment necessary, like for example spring elements etc.

Platter: The platter is a composite construction, made from aluminum and casted acryl, enriched with filler. The weight is 12kg and because of damping purposes there are grooves on the downside in not harmonic distances. These grooves are filled with vibration blocking material. To decrease reflections of oscillation which occur during sampling, the center is made from Teflon and hollow in the middle. The bearing bushing, which is made from steel, is attached as part of the massive turntable.

Motor-unit: The drive unit is totally separated from the running gear. A very thin string made from polyamide carries the power from the pulley to the platter. You can switch electronically between 33 rpm and 45 rpm. A LSC-Controller (Linear Speed Controller) monitors all the time the speed and keeps it absolute constant. These from AMAZON developed controller are only used in Amazon turntables. In addition, you can fine-tune each speed separately. Therefore, we use platter with a gearbox 1:25.
The heart of the drive is a DC-motor, which is usually used in nautical navigation devices. This motor is stored isolated and swimming in a massive box. The result is an absolute constant speed with perfect running smoothness.

Power supply: The integrated rechargeable battery power supply is unique for analogue drives. In play mode, the rechargeable batteries as well as the motor are totally separated from the mains supply. Thereby, all the disturbing influences from the mains supply are kept away and a absolutely smooth running motor is guaranteed. All AMAZON motor units have a intelligent circuit, which monitors all parameters of the NiMH-batteries while charging and discharging. The system recharges the batteries automatically, when it is not in use. One charging cycle is enough to listen to 180 LP’s. External, ultra-precise motor controller (33 and 45)

Bearing: The rotation-center of the platter is a ceramic ball in the middle of the inverse bearing. Both, bearing bush and vertical axis are made from multiple hardened steel. In numerous production steps, the contact areas get an intensive polish, which requires a couple of days. Accurate selection and little tolerance guarantee a perfect, noiseless operation and long lifetime. All moving parts are supplied with a very thin, but very good, special oil from an oil reservoir at the bearing base. Due to the massive body and the special geometry of the bearing, our platter bearing doesn’t tend to oscillate like most of the other. That is proven by objective measurements we made with the pulse measuring process. Pulses at different areas on the platter are dying out consistent and with high edge steepness.

Table is extremely well made and a piece of high quality engineering. Not that much units are existing according to my information's. The main plinth of the TT is made out of two layers of black Methacrylate decoupled from each other by 8 Sorbothan plucks. On the upper layer the inverted bearing is assembled. On the top base of the brass housed bearing you will find a ceramic plate on which a small ceramic ball has to be placed. On this ceramic ball rests the heavy platter which is providing the second portion of the bearing itself. The bearing itself is completely free of any noise when you are turning the platter. Naturally, you have to take care for a proper balance of the TT to avoid bearing noises. To enable you leveling the TT it provides the spikes located in the bottom layer. Also, the Motor Unit which is equipped with a huge lead accu is equipped with four spikes to allow proper balancing.

Even if money wouldn't be an issue, I am sure that I would have to think about an replacement really long. The only weakness in my mind is the attraction the black Methacrylate is exercising to dust. Therefore, you have to take care to keep this unit as clean as possible to avoid minor scratches from the surface. From time to time, you have to polish it. It forces you to spend time on it to keep it as beautiful as it was hence it arrived in your living room. But for us as analog lovers also this time you have to spend keeping it in a wonderful condition will be a matter of our hobby and a matter of emotional involvement.

This is a highly recommended component. Includes original boxes, battery charger, motor & control unit, bearing special oil, platter weight, and user documentation.
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Technical facts:

Dimensions (drive) (W x D x H):470 x 450 x 150 mm
Dimensions (motor unit) (W x D x H): 120 x 450 x 115 mm

Overall weight:33 kg

Platter weight:12 kg

Platter diameter:320 mm

Speed: 33 rpm and 45 rpm fine adjustable

Bearing: Inverted Steel / ceramic-bearing

Drive: DC-Motor with AMAZON LSC Speed Control

Power supply: NiMH batteries with automatic charging unit Tonearms: Compatible with all tonearms till 12" and tangential tonearms.


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