RegaIncognitonewRega Incognito Rewire Kit (Cardas Wire)Britaudio has been an authorized Incognito dealer for 20 years, all items are factory fresh.This kit will fit all Rega and Rega OEM tone arms including, Moth, Origin Live, Michell, NAD etc.All our ...229.00

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Rega Incognito Rewire Kit (Cardas Wire) [Expired]

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Britaudio has been an authorized Incognito dealer for 20 years, all items are factory fresh.

This kit will fit all Rega and Rega OEM tone arms including, Moth, Origin Live, Michell, NAD etc.

All our kits come complete with easy to follow instructions, Cardas gold plated on brass cartridge tags, shrink tubing, high quality phono plugs (already installed), new rubber plug for the cartridge end, solder, Allen keys and practice wire.

A one piece, cartridge clip to phono sockets tone arm cable, specifically designed for all forms of Rega based tone arms. The Incognito cable features a continuous cable run from cartridge tags to phono plug. External part of the cable from the base of the arm to male phono plugs is 46 inches.

The heart of the assembly is a solid brass slug, situated at the base of the arm pillar, to which all earths are connected, grounding the various components of the arm assembly without the use of additional ground wires.

The external section of the cable is run through a Faraday cage assembly inside which, protected by a spiral polythene tube, run the left and right channel signal leads. The signal leads are therefore shielded, but held at a fixed distance from the screen. This kit also has a dedicated ground wire.

The signal wires are Cardas Pure Copper Tone Arm wire, connected to high quality non-magnetic gold plated RCA/Phono connectors and Cardas high quality gold plated headshell tags. "The Incognito rewire kit lifts the Rega's performance to undreamed of levels." It cures the lumpy, tucked under bass, and it cures the splashy treble and mid-prominent balance. But then I always figured that you'd get the hi-fi benefits. What I wasn't ready for was the level of musical improvement. "For anyone using an RB300 (or even 600 or 900) arm, the Incognito kit should be placed right at the top of your wants list".

If you are using it as a stop gap on an expensive deck, then it advances to the status of immediate purchase. "If the Rega arm was one of the bargains of a century now gone, then the Incognito rewire kit dusts it off and sets it up for the one that's just arrived.".....Roy Gregory Hi-Fi Plus.

We also have kits for many other arms, other lengths available, XLR plugs are also available, just drop us an email. Insured USPS  priority mail shipping in US $12.00.

Professional installation service with fast turn around is available for only $89 + shipping. We take credit cards via paypal.

Read what others had to say about the Incognito rewire: 
Hi Michael - received the tonearm back and have it fitted. Working great again. Thanks for great responsive service and quality work, much appreciated! All the best

Wow! now this upgrade is a definite improvement over upgrades Ive tried in other aspects of my vinyl system. The 'stock' wiring always produced a hum and was never truly transparent/detailed. All this is gone replaced by a reality Ive not heard before. Thank you Michael! Ed

Thank you for rewiring my Rega RB600 arm. Your workmanship is most impressive and the quality of sound with my Ortofon Kontrapunkt A is gorgeous. I am so pleased with this result ! I have ~4000 LPs which will become newly discovered treasure. Sincerely, Ronald L.

Finally found the time to setup the OL Encounter. The rewire worked like a charm. The arm sounds great! I appreciate the excellent work you did. You will receive my highest recommendation should anyone I know needs some tonearm work. Again, thanks!
Regards, Jeff

I got the arm back safely and hooked her up to my VPI HW-19. I never had heard it even though I bought it a year+ ago do the disastrous DIY hot-wired job a previous owner did..but, wow, what a tonearm it is! My Ortofon X5-MC, which is pretty weak in bass, sounded nothing like itself anymore. The whole range of sounds on the record sounded great now - with a soundstage that expanded well past the vertical and horizontal confines of the speakers now. I am so pleased - thanks for a first rate Incognito re-wiring and fast turnaround. John E

I finally back in the groove! Just wished to express my delight with the results of the re-wire. It yielded a unexpected bonus in addition to the elevation of my system from upper mid-fi to lower hi-end fi and the welcome elimination of a earthing problem. The unexpected results being that my girlfriend - the epitome of skepticism in matters of audiophilia- who insisted on being able to play her old 50's & 60's romantic slush records (my Systemdek does NOT like changing to 45rpm-I have a headache tonight dear)! was quite transported by hearing LOADS of stuff she never knew existed on her records and the brilliant rendition. A new convert! Now, how do I get my system back...?! thanks once again Chris.   Brit Audio did excellent tonearm rewiring with Incognito wiring on my SME V and has lightning fast turnaround service. A great person to deal with also. Highly recommended!
Mike sold me an Incognito wiring harness for my Rega RB-900, and then bailed me out when I damaged the cable after I did the installation. The entire turn-around time for the repair, installation, and shipping time was 7 days. Mike's a real pro!

unbelievably fast service and good advice. excellent products and workmanship.
Michael re-wired my SME V tonearm promptly and the result is tremendous.
Infinity Black Widow sounds better than new. Great work.Thank You. 
Extremely quick turnaround on my Rega RB250 rewire. Expertly performed, and very careful packing. Highly recommended!

3 tonearms now I've sent off to Michael to rewire, and every one has returned to me quickly, with impeccable workmanship. A great asset to the 'Gon! 

Excellent service from Michael: promised 2-day turnaround but done in 1 day. Wonderful work & super-fast shipping. Michael spent a bunch of his time answering my questions. Thank you! 
Ultra quick turnaround on tonearm rewire: back to my door before my CD player had a chance to warm up! Great service--thanks. A++++

What a great member.
Rewired my tonearm. Perfect work, very quick, and sounds great!! Highly recommended member and service. 
Michael went above and beyond the call. Not only did he expertly rewire my SME tonearm, he also installed a new brass bearing and RCA conversion kit. A top-notch AudioGoner.

Got the arm yesterday and have it all reinstalled. Sounds exceptional. Never let anyone say the Incognito doesn't make a difference! Thanks Michael!

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