EMT Audio950E Narrow line versionusedEMT Audio 950E Narrow line version - new like - fully upgradedFor sale an EMT 950 E Narrow Line version in new like condition, fully upgraded, complete with the following: • Magnifying lens and mirrored surface allow exact location of the desired record groo...6600.00

EMT Audio 950E Narrow line version - new like - fully upgraded [Expired]

no longer for sale

For sale an EMT 950 E Narrow Line version in new like condition, fully upgraded, complete with the following:

• Magnifying lens and mirrored surface allow exact location of the desired record groove.
• EMT 929 Tonearm. A proven concept, statically and dynamically balanced with extremely low bearing friction. The stylus force is controlled by a spring mechanism, which is adjustable at the bearing housing. Equipped a securing clip, and the arm is raised and lowered by an electric motor.
• Original EMT floor supports – Free standing.
• Customized dust free transparent cover

• All electrolytic capacitors replaced with audio grade capacitors
User-oriented, single-handed Push Button Operation
Electronically controlled Direct Drive
Improved Immunity to Shocks and structural Vibrations
Highest Quality Reproduction – isolated from external Disturbances

Narrow version of the famous 950, was designed and produced for restricted installation space, as may be the case in broadcast vans or when two or three turntables are to be mounted adjacently and control of each from the front of the unit is desirable.
This particular model, EMT 950 E (Narrow-line Version), has a somewhat smaller control panel situated in front of the chassis.
The monitor loudspeaker has been omitted but may be externally implemented, with the same functional capabilities provided in the standard model, using the 10-watt plug in amplifier.
Regardless of what may be dictated by practical considerations, the integrated mechanical and acoustic isolation is afforded in all versions (EMT 950 and EMT 950 E).
Installation therefore remains straightforward, even an unfavourable environment.

Technical data:
Drive System
Speed: 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM +/-1%
Turntable diameter: 33 cm (13 inch)
Wow and flutter (DIN 45 507/ANSI/IEC): max. +/-0.05%
Run-up time: max. 0.2 s
Rumble (DIN 45 539):
Signal-to-noise ratio, unweighted: greater than 56 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio, weighted: greater than 70 dB
AC Mains power connection: 100 to 130 V, 200 to 240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: approx. 100 VA
Chassis alone 512 x 575 x 332 mm / (20.4” x 22.9” x 13.2”)
With floor supports (free-standing): 516 x 581 x 854 mm
Weight: approx. 70 kg (154.32 lbs)

Amplifier (plug-in cards)
DIN, NAB, IEC, RIAA: 75/318/3180 us
FLAT: 0/318/3180 us
Input sensitivity: 0.2 to 1mV for EMT T series pick-ups
Output level: +6 dB (1.55 V), max 4.4 V / min. 0.775V
Max. Output level: +22 dB (10 V)
Crosstalk: better than 55 dB
Headphone output: stereo, max. 2 V into 200 ohms
Stereo/mono switch: remote controlled (24 V DC or from internal voltage)

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