EMT Audio950 BBC - fully restored usedEMT Audio 950 BBC - fully restoredWhy take chances... buy from a reputable audio dealer! For sale a fully refurbished EMT 950 BBC with all Gold label cards. Fitted with Fabtech F2 Boards. Value 1,200 Euro 7950038F2 EQ card for EM...13750.00

EMT Audio 950 BBC - fully restored

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Why take chances... buy
from a reputable audio dealer!

For sale a fully refurbished EMT 950 BBC with all Gold label cards. 
Fitted with Fabtech F2 Boards. Value 1,200 Euro 7950038F2 EQ card for EMT 950 F950039F2 Line driver for EMT 950 The boards are the replacement for the equalizer and line driver boards in the EMT 950. These boards are an enhancement which was made according to physiological listening. That means next to optimization by measurement continuous listening has been made. Not only is the result worthwhile to be shown, first of all it’s worth to be listened to: 
• Extended frequency range of the depth (3dB @ 15Hz)  • Extended frequency range of the height (3dB @ 40kHz or 100kHz)  • High frequency equalization selectable between 75µs (RIAA/DIN 45536) and 50µs (DIN 45533)  • Better resolution due to larger channel separation  • Better noise ratio due to high quality components  • Muting function adjustable like with the original EMT boards  • Exact level adjustment with multi-turn potentiometers  • The equalizer board as well as the line driver are equipped with shielded toroidal transformers  • Both boards are coordinated to work together, but are also available as single boards.
Special-Functions BBC version: In addition to the functions of a Standard EMT 950, the turntable has the following extras:  • Optical groove display  • Varispeed / speed control rough and fine  • Zero locator (runs back to the starting point) with digital display  • Treble Equalization/ Output Level adjustable on front panel  • Pickup illumination  • Headphone output on the front panel 
EMT 950 BBC is in an aesthetical excellent and technically new condition with very few operating hours. The device is technically completely overhauled, tested, calibrated and adjusted:  • Tone arm  • Drive electronics  • Drive mechanics (bearings)  • Tone arm lift / table (bench)  • Power Supply  • Brake 
Signal-to-Noise Ratio of:  • amplifier: RMS unweighted / Peak weighted above than factory specification  • drive: Rumble unweighted / weighted above than factory specification 
Plate coating NEW for optimal grip of fingers during cue operation All capacitors (electrolytic, tantalum) have been replaced 
Accessories included:  The EMT 950 BBC will be delivered with the following accessories:  • EMT Tonearm EMT 929, removed from chassis - ready for shipping  • EMT TSD 15 Cartridge  • EMT original Instruction Manual  • Original BBC Standard file  • Original EMT BBC floor-stand /console in perfect condition  • Customized transparent acrylic dust cover  • Red color EMT logo velvet cover 
Shipping worldwide, insured, by DHL Express, professionally packed into a customized wooden crate.
Priced by the highend broker for 13500 euro  13750 usd**export or 17000 euro when sold inside the eu*

We can ship world wide with for low costs airfreight and customs handling. We are located in the Netherlands; if you like to pay in another currency, just convert it to the local currency by a bank converter on line. See the link below this add.

For inquiries and sales contact: Johan Grissen

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