DALIMegaline IIIusedDALI Megaline IIIOffered here is the DALI Megaline III speaker system. The Megaline III’s are among the finest speakers ever produced. These speakers use 2 stereo amplifiers, one for each side, or 4 mono-block amp...12800.00

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Offered here is the DALI Megaline III speaker system. The Megaline III’s are among the finest speakers ever produced. 
These speakers use 2 stereo amplifiers, one for each side, or 4 mono-block amps. Using the left speaker as an example, the left channel of a stereo amp can power the ribbon tweeters of the left speaker, and the right channel of that stereo amp will power the woofers of the left speaker. 
An electronic crossover is supplied by Dali as part of the Megaline system which splits the signal for both speakers. This Dali crossover is of course included in the system offered here for sale. 
These speakers even when powered by unassuming electronics produce unparalleled detailed sound with a sound stage similar to a live event. When I first purchased the Megalines I powered them with two Forte IV stereo power amps, and the sound was breathtaking even though the Forte amps offer only 50 watts per channel. 
What I learned after purchasing and living with speakers of this quality and ultimately electronics even more expensive than the speakers, is that the speakers are the most important element of any system. If they can’t deliver, one will never hear what any brand of world class electronics can offer. Moreover, through trial and error during my over 40 years in this hobby I have concluded that state of the art speakers like the Megalines, Grande  Utopias, Alexandrias and so on, powered by moderate quality electronics will sound better than the best electronics driving lesser speakers. 
The Megaline speakers offered here along with the electronic crossover are in perfect operational condition, and in good condition cosmetically. They have a few nicks which can easily be removed by a Piano repair refinisher for a few hundred dollars if one wishes the cabinets to be in mint condition. 
Paraphrasing from Albert Porter’s excellent review in Positive Feedback ISSUE 18 march/april 2005
The Megaline is a giant two way speaker system, made up of three separate speaker cabinets for each channel that lock together to form a single line source. Only two types of drivers are used,  three  ribbons per side for the high frequencies and twelve  6.5-inch low frequency drivers  per side for the low frequencies. The Dali electronic crossover provides the single dividing point at preamp level, eliminating inductors, capacitors, potentiometers and resistors in the signal path between the amplifiers and drivers. The system is about 89dB efficient with a combined electrical impedance of 4.5 ohms (6 ohms nominal), making it an easy load for both tube and transistor amplifiers. 
Dali’s product description states the following:
The DALI MEGALINE is DALI’s flagship high-end speaker. The MEGALINE was originally developed as a one-off showpiece for Hi-Fi exhibitions. Standing a striking 2.31 meters high (91 inches), MEGALINE impresses everyone who hear and see it. Consequently, the MEGALINE has been put into production by public demand.
The current third generation of DALI MEGALINE is a statement of the audiophile design principles of DALI. The materializing of what we try to achieve with every DALI speaker. The MEGALINE is developed, designed, hand-built, assembled and individually tested at the DALI factory in Denmark.
Extending higher and reaching lower with no less than 24 unique bass and mid-drivers, the DALI MEGALINE is the ultimate solution for low distortion and high dynamic headroom.
FULL-RANGE LINE SOURCE SYSTEM Deviating from the traditional point-source philosophy, the MEGALINE’s line source configuration takes the room out of the equation and delivers extraordinary room-filling audio.
RIBBON TWEETERS The MEGALINE’s 6 DALI-developed ribbon tweeters creates a unique extension of the ribbon technology. This ensures a state-of-the-art wide dispersion and supiriour integration with the bass/mid-range drivers.
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