High Fidelity Cables NPS-1260 3-D Enhancer for exportusedHigh Fidelity Cables  NPS-1260 3-D EnhancerNPS-1260 Three Dimensionality Enhancer! This is a powerful dimension and clarity enhancer that dramatically improves three dimensionality of audio systems . It improves clarity, sound-0staging in i...599.00

High Fidelity Cables NPS-1260 3-D Enhancer

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NPS-1260 Three Dimensionality Enhancer!

This is a powerful dimension and clarity enhancer that dramatically improves three dimensionality of audio systems . It improves clarity, sound-0staging in imaging. It has an extremely dramatic affect on distortion reduction which allows the systems natural capability of dimensionality musicality sound staging and imaging to be dramatically increased. This revolutionary new product is unlike anything ever made there is no product in audio that offers so much benefit for so little.

We strongly recommend this is the first purchase that you might make in high Fidelity cables. 

Also if you struggle with hearing changes from tweaks and modifications in your system this product will help. It offers a much cleaner window in which to hear the changes in your system they become much more apparent and much easier to hear these improvements. 

The highest-end audio systems in the world are the ones that are the “most” easily transformed. The sheer clarity of these systems makes them the perfect viewing window for any type of sonic change even the most subtle changes can be heard through these types of systems. NSP-1260 will offer dramatic dimensional improvements in these or transform more entry level system to much greater levels saving you money on gear and increasing enjoyment of listening.

There's no question that NPS-1260 will become the staple of every audio file trying to build true high and sound without it the distortions are simply is too large to overcome. 

No matter how well your audio system preforms this product will transform it!

There is only one requirement on the end of the audiophile  end user and that is after the application you may need some give the system some time (break-in). The amount of distortion that it decreased is so significant that some time is involved before the “full revealing of sound” becomes completely initiated. Although there will be system transformation on the first application immediately on power up, there is no question even larger change will come. Every test system that we have tried NPS-1260 has revealed the same results.

Many system struggle from clarity hardness and harshness, however NPS 1260 is a solution that can bring you into the game of absolute transparency musicality and the best of high-end audio.

What is so different about this product is that it doesn't focus on electron transfer, it focusses on magnetic or electro magnetic field transfer. It is uniquely set apart in idea and design.

Rick Schultz (inventor) has a fundamentally different way of thinking about how energy transfers, teaching that this has more to do with the power of magnetism and less to do with the actual electron. Although the electron certainly plays a vital role as it creates the magnetism, and that's the energy that we use. So what does that have to do with a contact enhancer? Everything! 

The reason why NPS-1260 it's so dramatically different from other products in the market known as “contact enhancers” is that the approach and science behind it is different. 

This product offers results that “contact enhancers” only hint at.

The results of applying NPS 1260 are dramatic and the product is to be used at your own risk as it is very conductive.

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