REL Acoustics212SE Sub w/4 12"usedREL - 212 SE Black Sub Like new factory boxed: Comes from authorized REL dealer, Weinhart Design see:

REL Acoustics 212SE Sub w/4 12" My FAVORITE Sub ! ! ! [Expired]

no longer for sale

REL - 212 SE Black Sub Like new factory boxed: 


Comes from authorized REL dealer, Weinhart Design see:

🎵 Also available REL's new" if not supported locally" it is  best to call for expert suport, system matching and pricing 🎵

Wireless option available separately.

No low offers considered and it is best to call David for details.

This is one of Weinhart Design's Reference Subs  it is best to CALL FOR DETAILS....

 A true reference sub woofer and wonderful opportunity !

Great sound and superior performance.


ONLY US Sales: & PLEASE Support your local dealer !

REL 212/SE Subwoofer:

REL's Most Powerful and Agile Sub woofer Makes all  State-of-the-Art Speakers Perform to Full Potential: Reference-Setting 212/SE Ideal for Large Two-Channel Systems, Grand Rooms, Dedicated Theaters and used even in a small room.

OPTIONAL "Wireless" LongBow Connectivity, 1000-Watt REL 212/SE Sub Supplies Breathtaking Speed, Power, Grace, and Detail: Restores Harmonic and Midrange Structures of Music and Movies

The most powerful and agile subwoofer REL offers, 212/SE is specifically made for large two-channel systems, grand rooms, dedicated theaters – and to take cutting-edge loudspeakers to their absolute full potential. You've invested in a superb listening room and carved out a sizable space in your home to enjoy music and movies on par with the realism, depth, and involvement of an intimate concert. Now, complete your setup with the 1000-watt 212/SE, which provides reference-setting control, speed, power, grace, energy, detail, structure, and, of course, bass. Any large sub can cause walls to shake, but 212/SE is unique in its ability to both restore and complement the harmonic, midrange, and even upper-end architecture of instruments, voices, atmospherics, and effects. Multiple room modes (forward, down and rear), twin Continuous Cast Alloy bass engines, two matching Continuous Cast Alloy passives, a 1000W NextGen3 digital amplifier that outputs more than 110dB, and REL's amazing LongBow wireless connectivity turn 212/SE into a world-beating component. One listen, and you will know why, Weinhart Design thinks this is the finest Sub made either one or best two.

Please schedule an appointment to audition here in Weinhart Design's Showroom.

Speed, Power, Precision, Poise: Twin Continuous Cast Alloy Bass Engines
REL doubled up on the Continuous Cast Alloy bass engines that won across-the-board acclaim from its Serie S, then slightly altered them for 212SE's twin front-firing configuration. The twin actives are responsible for 212SE's incredible speed and tactility. Continuous Cast Alloy cones reduce moving mass while maintaining rigidity, producing far more speed and precision than prior REL designs. Partnered with two matching 12" passives, the twin long-stroke 12" bass engines provide trademark REL speed with previously unattainable power. This visionary combination offers the driven surface area of twin 17" drivers in a cabinet just 16" wide.

Fills the Largest Rooms With Engaging ACCURATE Sound: Dual Continuous Cast Alloy Passive Radiators.

212SE uses two matching stiff, lightweight, and well-behaved Continuous Cast Alloy passives. This approach results in performance more akin to a variable ratio driver size – as more power and deeper bass is demanded, the passive comes to life, gradually expanding the capabilities of the active engines. The down-firing passive produces deep, floor-crawling bass. A second passive is mounted above the amplifier panel and produces wrap-around "atmospheric" bass that adds air and shimmer to the sound. Coupling with either the rear wall or the rear corner of a room allows the bass to develop exceedingly long wavefronts and adds an ease unique to single-box designs.

1000-Watt Digital Amp Gives You Command, LongBow Connectivity Provides Freedom and Control
Beyond a proprietary drivers, 212SE uses an extremely fast simple filter-type – about 8 milliseconds in group delay – to cross out unwanted higher frequencies to the driver. This speed and gentle crossover allow for seamless blending of RELs with the main speakers. REL subs do not include a high-pass filter to cross out bass from the main speaker as that would generally produce more unwanted effects than the minor benefits conferred by such a design. A powerful NextGen3 1,000W (1,700W peak) digital amplifier serves as 212SE's generator. This Herculean design allows each driver to effortlessly output more than 110dB – powerful enough to drive very large rooms to very high outputs. 212SE also provides unprecedented freedom: REL's pioneering LongBow connectivity supplies quick, uncompressed bass to be wirelessly transmitted within the same room in sonically intact ways Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cannot accomplish.

REL Subs are the perfect complement to the world's best systems and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and available to audition at Weinhart Design  !

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