Kuzma 4POINTnewKuzma 4POINT 14"Brand new, award winning, Kuzma 4Point model 14" length tonearms available, please contact us directly for more information. These are the latest version featuring Ruby Sapphire yoke bearings. ...12174.00

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Brand new, award winning, Kuzma 4Point model 14" length tonearms available, please contact us directly for more information.   These are the latest version featuring Ruby Sapphire yoke bearings.  Please contact me directly for more details. 
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4Point 14 is   4Point tonearm with 14 inch ( 353 mm) effective length which is fitted on 12 inch ( 291mm) distance position on the turntable.
Technical data
Mass 2150 gr Effective length 353 mm ( 14 inch ) Mounting distance 291,50 mm( Kuzma cut- 291 mm ) Offset angle 15,35 degrees Distance spindle-horizontal bearing 340 mm ( 338 mm for Stabi M) Bearing type 4 points (sapphire & ruby cups / steel pivots-see modification) Effective mass 19 g VTA adjustment yes Azimuth adjustment yes Bias adjustment yes Vertical damping yes Horizontal damping yes Detachable headshell yes ( one extra supplied) Cables silver Arm mount Kuzma cut ( 12 inch position) Optionalextra headshells, headshell containers, different wiring options available.

Differs from other  tonearms by introducing several new and unique features.  The new zero-play bearing is configured on 4 points.  The heart of this new design is the unique 4-point bearing. Two points (which are similar to a uni-pivot bearing) allow and control vertical movements of the tonearm. The other set of two pointed bearings allow and control horizontal (lateral) movements of the tonearm.  All four points of the bearing have minimal friction and zero-play in all planes of movement, thus ensuring that the cartridge platform and the cartridge itself follow the grooves of an LP with extremely low friction and minimal vibrations.
4POINT’s main section is firmly connected to a very rigid and inert VTA tower which provides the option of fine adjustments of the vertical tracking angle either when the tonearm is stationary or while the LP is playing.  All this, of course, without any loss of rigidity and with 0.01mm accuracy of adjustment and zero-play!
The main tube is accurately machined out of a solid rod of aluminium as in our Air Line parallel tracking tonearm.  Two separate troughs offer independent damping of vertical and horizontal resonances allowing a very high degree of fine adjustment and tuning at all times. If so desired, damping troughs can be easily be detached from the tonearm.
4POINT’s arm balancing solution consists of two counterweights – the main weight allows an accurate overall balance once the cartridge has been installed, while the second, smaller weight provides extremely fine further adjustment for total tracking force accuracy.
Introduced: 2008
Azimuth is adjustable by precise worm drive mechanism allowing very small, repeatable adjustments.
Detachable headshell is another distinctive feature of this superior tonearm. Using a small Allen key, one can completely remove the headshell from the arm tube while the arm wiring including cartridge pins remains uninterrupted in its single run.  Our headshell is fixed with a hexagonal locking system which provides the same degree of rigidity as if the headhsell was permanently bonded to the arm tube.
4POINT’s internal wiring is of the highest quality using special alloy silver formulation.  A single, uninterrupted set of 4 wires runs from the cartridge pins to the   RCA connectors (overall length 1.4m).
Other wiring options are possible including Biwring: two sets of wires( 8 in total) runs simultaneously from the cartridge clips into the termination box and one set connects to the female RCA connectors, allowing use of an alternative tonearm cable between the termination box on the 4POINT and a phono input on your preamplifier. second sets runs directly from cartridge clips to male RCA connectors in one uninterupted way.
In Manual folder find drawings how to fit this tonearm on other turntables!
Stereophile July 2012:  4Point on Onedof turntable by M. Fremer:   "It produced an experience like listening to open-reel tape, with imaging and soundstaging stability superior to those of any arm I’ve heard, including Continuum Cobra.



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