RelStudio mkIIIusedREL Studio MK III in Cherry. REL's best sounding subwoofer!This is one of the finest subwoofers ever made, with drivers that go down to 9Hz and a cabinet that weighs 204lbs to be able to sustain such sub bass levels. It is a magnificent piece of speaker en...2420.00

REL Studio MK III in Cherry. REL's best sounding subwoofer! [Expired]

no longer for sale

This is one of the finest subwoofers ever made, with drivers that go down to 9Hz and a cabinet that weighs 204lbs to be able to sustain such sub bass levels. It is a magnificent piece of speaker engineering and still to this day, one of the most musical subs I have ever heard. I absolutely love this sub and I am only selling because a few years back I moved to a different house with a much smaller listening room and this sub is just no longer necessary in my room. 

Calling this a subwoofer is really a misnomer. It is a "sub-bass system." My speakers go down to 26Hz, but I still found this sub massively useful to fill in the whole sound-field and add that last bottom octave. Not only does it shake the house MUSICALLY (this is not a home theater sub), but there are so many subtle audio cues that are part of all recorded music that the sub's presence actually expands the soundstage in massive ways. It made my whole system come to life in my large room. As Larry Greenhill wrote in Stereophile magazine (a "Class A" Recommended component; see the full review here:, "The Studio III also conveyed ambience cues, enhanced the Quads' imaging and portrayal of space, and increased the dynamic range of my entire system... there was considerably more three-dimensionality to the sound, with clearer positioning of instruments. This effect was independent of the music's bass content." It's crazy to think that the inflation adjusted price of this speaker would be $12,800 today. Crazy that it can be had for the listing price now. Larry finished his review with, "The REL Studio III subwoofer has the best build quality, moves more air, and has the best pitch definition of any subwoofer I've tested."

Condition is pretty great for a product of this age. The wood cabinet is in fantastic shape, with just a few minor marks in the Cherry wood. On the back (control side), top right side, there is some fading present in the finish, as visible in the photos. There is also a few scratches in the top glass, as well as slight discoloration on the UNDER side of the glass. As you can see in all of the main photos of the sub, you can't even really tell when looking at it from normal angles, and certainly don't notice once its buried in the corner of your room. However, as you get right up to it, and have the light hitting just the right way (I had to reflect the ceiling fixture right on the scratches to get the shots) the marks are most certainly visible. Again, once in the corner, though, I'm sure you will forget about it as I did. I have photographed the sub from every angle so there are zero surprises, and I have even provided a link with HD resolution images so you can really see all the fine detail that is lost when I upload the photos to this site. Please visit:

Comes with original high level REL cable with upgraded speakON NL4FX connector and is 17 feet, 8 inches long.

Buyer is responsible any PayPal fees (unless sent via Friends & Family or cashier's check). Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. This is available for pickup in Portland, OR, but I do not expect to package up and ship this via a traditional carrier. When I bought it, I used uShip to find a furniture mover and had them bring it to me as they would a dining table. It was the most cost effective and quickest option, and I recommend you do the same if you need it shipped. I have a few shipper that I have used between Portland and Southern California and would expect this to run $250-300. 


Dimensions: 26.7"W x 22.1"D x 24" H
Weight: 204lbs
Description: Super "Acoustic Resistive Matrix" (ARM)-loaded, powered subwoofer.
Inputs: 2 line-level, unbalanced (RCA) phono inputs with 0dB and +12dB sensitivities, 1 line-level, balanced XLR input, 2 speaker-level inputs using Neutrik Speakon connectors, one balanced, one unbalanced. No signal-sensing auto on/off.
Drive-units: two downward-firing, long-excursion, heavy-duty 10" paper-cone woofers made by Volt.
Crossover: low-pass filter (defeatable) using REL Active Bass Control (ABC) in 24 semitone increments, 22-96Hz, 12dB/octave slope; no high-pass filter option.
Switchable phase: 0 degrees or 180 degrees.
Amplifier output power: 500W RMS.
Frequency response: 9-100Hz, ±6dB.

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