Synergistic ResearchGalileo SX Ground BlocknewSynergistic Research Galileo SX Active Ground Block - The heart of your system.The Galileo SX Active Ground Block is top to bottom re-engineering of SR’s award-winning Active Ground Block SE with technology originally designed for the Galileo SX PowerCell as well as new techn...7995.00

Synergistic Research Galileo SX Active Ground Block - The heart of your system. [Expired]

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The Galileo SX Active Ground Block is top to bottom re-engineering of SR’s award-winning Active Ground Block SE with technology originally designed for the Galileo SX PowerCell as well as new technologies expressly developed to make this the world’s highest performance ground filter for your stereo home theater system.

SR starts with a new chassis machined from a solid billet of aluminum and carbon fiber to address unwanted vibration and chassis resonance that would otherwise lower your system’s performance. We SR re-engineered the internal Electromagnetic Cell increasing the number of active filters from one as found in the Active Ground Black SE to three Active Em Cells with Galileo SX PowerCell technology. This includes 2x rolled EM Cells in carbon fiber housings to control resonance and one flat Carbon Fiber Electromagnetic Cell with a copper mesh Ground Plane as found in our Galileo SX PowerCell. SR then turned up the gain in a new ULF Generator for three times the signal strength of the Active Ground Block SE for a significant gain in performance.

Since the Galileo Ground Block was developed in conjunction with the limited edition 2nd Generation Galileo SX PowerCell it shares its ability to custom tune the sound of the ground filter to compliment your system and personal tastes by changing the bias frequency of the ULF signal generator. By pressing a button on the back of the Galileo SX Ground Block you change the frequency that biases its three Active EM Cells and this changes the characteristic sound of your system. There is a default setting shared with the current Active Ground Blocks and three new frequencies that make your system sound more liquid or dynamic and holographic - the choice is yours. And to make keeping track of which frequency you have selected easy, when you press the button, it changes the color of the light inside the unit, visible from the view window on the top of the unit. SR also added new useful features like the ability to directly wire both your PowerCell line conditioner and Atmosphere Acoustic Field Generator to increase their performance.

Factory lead time is currently 2-3 weeks.


  • Galileo SX Ground Block with 5ft. Atmosphere SX Euphoria AC Cord - $7,995
  • Galileo SX Ground Block with 5ft. Galileo Discovery AC Cord - $9,995

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Robert Youman of Positive Feedback Online (April 2021): " apologies for some of the hyperbole, but along with the Synergistic Research Galileo SX PowerCell, the Galileo SX Ground Block is possibly the most impressive new product that I have reviewed in the last couple of years. I have mentioned many times that the PowerCell might just be the most important component in my entire system. Now, there is some definite competition. Though each have different functions, both can offer something similar in terms of impact. Both provide a rising tide that can lift all boats... With the Galileo SX Ground Block in place, I stopped critiquing the sound and was able to just focus on the music. As a typical audiophile, this is always a challenge. Bottom line. The emotional connection and level of personal satisfaction has never been better in my listening room! That’s the biggest compliment that I could ever offer. If you are seeking state of the art performance, the Galileo SX Ground Block is a must audition. Innovative design. Superb execution. Wonderful results. Highly recommended..."  CLICK HERE to read the entire review

What’s inside?  

  • 99.9995% Pure 14awg Silver point-to-point wiring
  • 2 each Active Folded EM Ground Cells 25% larger
  • UEF Ground Plane (Copper in center of unit)
  • New Galileo SX PCB with multi-setting ULF generator
  • UEF Orange Capacitors - New Multi-stage Quantum tunnel treatment
  • 44 mini BFA ports
  • 2 dedicated ground ports for SR Atmosphere and PowerCell conditioners
  • View Window
  • Gold & Silver Tuning Module

New Galileo SX ULF Generator

SR engineered the Galileo SX Ground Block with a redesigned circuit that controls the heart of the ground conditioner - its Electromagnetic Cells. This new circuit includes new UEF Orange Capacitors built with the same technology as the award-winning Orange Fuses for a lower perceived noise floor and better overall musicality. The circuit itself has 3x the output strength of the circuit it replaces to increase the filtration power of all the internal Electromagnetic Cells. But perhaps the most exciting feature is the variable ULF signal generator so you can custom-tune your system’s sound. Just press a button to select between four harmonics of the Earth’s Schumann Resonance used to bias the Galileo SX Ground Block’s internal Electromagnetic Cells. In the past, the Active Ground Block’s ULF frequency generators had only one harmonic of the Earth’s Schumann Resonance selected for its ability to compliment as wide a variety of systems as possible. Now you can choose the original frequency as default or select between three additional frequencies that run the gambit from a highly focused sound to a vastly holographic and enveloping sound, or choose a fourth frequency that splits the difference. The choice is yours.

Four ULF frequency bias, one perfect sound:

Purple Frequency: When you select the Purple Frequency, you will see a purple light illuminating the internal circuit of your Galileo SX Ground Block. Purple is the default setting for systems that have a Synergistic Research Atmosphere or FEQ Acoustic Field Generator. Choose this setting when you want a cross between the Blue and Red frequency’s sonic balance.

Blue Frequency: When you select the Blue Frequency, you see a blue light illuminating the internal circuit of the Galileo SX Ground Block. This is the most focused sound option with strong dynamics and precise imaging with a more forward sound than the other options.

Red Frequency: When you select the Red Frequency, you see a red light illuminating the Galileo SX Ground Block’s internal circuit. This is the setting if you want to maximum soundstage scale with a deep soundstage that also envelops your listening position. This setting works best when you also have Synergistic Research acoustic products like HFT’s, Black Boxes, and Atmosphere or FEQ acoustic field generators.

Green Frequency: 
When you select the Green Frequency, you see a green light illuminating the Galileo SX Ground Block’s internal circuit. Green is the default setting if you do not have an Atmosphere Acoustic Field Generator in your system. Fun fact, Green is the default bias frequency for the original Galileo SX PowerCell / Active Ground Block SE.


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