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AudioQuest Balanced Colorado Interconnect, 1.5m [Expired]

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Some of the finest products built in America & Europe, combined with the
finest service and know how and expert setup from Electrical power to
the finest Audio stands, electronics speakers turntables and streaming.
We stock, install and configure Roon and MQA.

Selling a pre-owned pair of Audioquest Colorado Balanced Interconnects. They are 1.5m long and in very good condition. We do not have original packaging. 

We do have a total of 2 pairs. Call the store buy both together. 626-966-6259

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AudioQuest Colorado Interconnects: Hear the Added Sonic Detail,
Dynamics, Transparency, and Body From Today's Cutting-Edge Analog and
Digital Sources

As significant advances in both the analog and digital realms
continue to bring more detail, transparency, dynamics, and body to music
playback, the importance of placing high-resolution interconnects like AudioQuest Colorado
in your system cannot be overstated. What was once considered by some
serious listeners to be a luxury is now an indispensable part of
experiencing soulful, emotional, lifelike, cannot-leave-your-seat sound.
Akin to the western state from which it takes it name, the Golden Ear Award-winning Colorado
is gorgeous, constructed to the highest-possible standards and
possessing an array of patented technologies responsible for its
seemingly effortless, indisputably neutral performance.

AudioQuest's Noise-Dissipation System provides
shielding that practically eliminates airborne noise that leads to
three-dimensional spaciousness, imaging, and soundstaging. FEP Air-Tube insulation defeats distortion and allows for reference-level timing, speed, cohesiveness, and energy. Colorado's triple-patented Dielectric-Bias System
allows music to emerge with the colorful detail and dynamics displayed
by pointillist masterpieces hanging in the Art Institute of Chicago.
Indeed, hearing music through the ultra-transparent and non-impeding Colorado will make all your records and files appear museum-quality-worthy.

Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ Conductors (PSC+)

Perfect-Surface Copper+ has an astonishingly smooth and pure surface.
Proprietary metal-processing technology protects the wire's surface at
every stage of drawing and fabrication. When high-purity low-oxide
copper is kept as soft, pure, and smooth as possible, it becomes a
wonderfully low-distortion PSC+ conductor. PSC+ is manufactured by
applying the same exceptional technology to ultra-pure copper. The
resulting sound quality is more focused and simply less in the way. PSC+
simply outperforms all previously available copper metals at any price.
All of Colorado's conductors are solid. Electrical and magnetic
interaction between strands in a conventional cable is the greatest
source of distortion, often causing a somewhat dirty, harsh sound. Solid
conductors are fundamental toward achieving Colorado's very clean

FEP (Fluoro-Polymer) Air-Tube Insulation

Any solid material adjacent to a conductor is part of an imperfect
circuit. Wire insulation and circuit board materials all absorb energy
(loss). Some of this energy is stored and later released as distortion.
All of Colorado's conductors use Air-Tube insulation simply because air
absorbs infinitesimal energy. FEP is the best extrudable solid
insulation and absorbs less energy than other materials. FEP Air-Tubes
used in Colorado have almost nothing but air around the solid PSC+

Dielectric-Bias System (DBS)

All insulation slows down the signal on the conductor inside. When
insulation is unbiased, it slows down parts of the signal differently, a
big problem for time-sensitive multi-octave audio. AudioQuest's DBS
creates a strong, stable electrostatic field that saturates and
polarizes (organizes) the molecules of the insulation. This minimizes
both energy storage in the insulation and the multiple nonlinear
time-delays that occur. Sound appears from a surprisingly black
background with unexpected detail and dynamic contrast. The DBS battery
packs lasts for years. A test button and LED allow for the occasional
battery check.

Carbon-Based 3-Layer Noise-Dissipation System (NDS)

Preventing captured RF interference from modulating the equipment's
ground reference requires AQ's Noise-Dissipation System. Metal and
carbon-loaded synthetics prevent most RFI from reaching the equipment's
ground plane.

Triple-Balanced Geometry

The three conductors in "triple-balanced" Colorado cables ensure that
whether prepared with RCA or XLR plugs, the positive and negative
signals have equally low-distortion conducting paths.

Cold-Welded Direct Silver-Plated Pure OCC Copper System

This plug design enables a perfect heat-free connection between cable
and plug. The connection between the plug and conductors is made using
AQ's Cold-Welded System, which provides a superior connection that
ensures that the structural integrity of the conductor remains
completely intact. The Cold-Welded System refers to a combination of
high pressure at the point of contact and use of copper-impregnated


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