Audio GDR28newAudio GD R28 Balanced preamp w/ R2R DAC & 9.5wpc headphone ampAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal Underwood Hifi is glad to be selling Audio GD products. Audio GD is a 20 year old Chinese company that produces state of the art products ...1499.00

Audio GD R28 Balanced preamp w/ R2R DAC & 9.5wpc headphone amp

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     Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal

Underwood Hifi is glad to be selling Audio GD products. Audio GD is a 20 year
old Chinese company that produces state of the art products at affordable prices.
Reviews on all their products have been excellent.

We ship from stock out of our
Georgia warehouse. We also service the product in Georgia.

The R28 (2021 version) is a Fully Balanced solid state preamp with 9.5 watts per channel headphone amp and a resistor ladder DAC.

We continue to be shocked at this level of sonic performance along with
this feature set at this cost. Comparable products sell for $3000.00-$4000.00
range from the competition.The preamp or DAC alone is worth he price of the entire product. DAC's of this quality typically sell for over $3000.00.

The R28 features 8 fully discrete R2R DAC modules to combine into a real
balanced push/pull digital decoder as well as 4 fully discrete real
balanced DSD native decoders. The DAC uses two 90/98 MHz Accusilicon 318B femto clocks to provide ultra low jitter.

The Amanero USB input supports 32bit / PCM384K PCM and up to DSD 512
asynchronous transfer. Clocking is done by a custom programmed FPGA. The
whole digital circuit is built around one custom programmed FPGA and 5
CPLD programmable chip sets to separate the different circuits for avoid
any interference in the data process in parallel mode.

The R28 headphone amp has two gain modes, 12DB in the low gain position
to drive higher efficiency headphones at over 95dB sensitivity, and 22DB
on high gain with the full 9.5 watts to drive any lower efficiency
phones such as the HifiMan HE6 at 85dB efficiency.

The custom internal software that runs the unit is upgradable to improve
sound quality in the future. All digital process mode settings are
accessible by buttons on the front.

Our price includes the upgraded metal remote control.  

The analog output stage is superb and has a tremendous effect on any DAC's sound quality. After the D/A conversion by the R2R D/A modules the analog signal is run by fully discrete matched-transistor output stages. These high speed special ACSS output
stages are zero-feedback and a current driven design as opposed to the voltage
design of most other DAC's.
They are Special because almost all other designs need to convert the signal
multiple times from and to current or voltage, resulting in less detail
and a less defined soundstage.

The Output stage  in the R28 has 4 pairs of 15W transistors to
offer tremendous output capability. This Diamond Differential design
avoids switch distortion. It works in full Class A mode but doesn't draw
large idle current. This balanced drive design lowers noise and
distortion and improves the soundstage presentation and transparency.

Compare this Preamp/DAC to anything we have heard under $2000.00-$2500.00.

We accept PayPal, Visa, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, bank wires & money orders. 
Read our over 13,500 points of AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions or to order this fine preamp/DAC/headphone amp or other Audio GD products.

Add $25.00 for Canada shipments
GA & HI residents add sales tax.

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