RSX Prime Nice & Flexible 6' Power Cord !usedRSX Prime Flexible  Power CordOne owner moving creates opportunity:SX PRIME™ AC Power 6' Power Cord is made of multiple individual connectors of ultra-pure Laboratory Grade™ copper. These are directly insulated with a premium T...449.00

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One owner moving creates opportunity:

SX PRIME™ AC Power 6' Power Cord is made of multiple individual connectors of ultra-pure Laboratory Grade™ copper. These are directly insulated with a premium Teflon™-variant fluoropolymer, bound together into RSX’s exclusive Demand Coupled™ design with Kevlar® fibers, and then “Faraday Cage” shielded with a bi-metallic braid over LDPE polyethylene. 

RSX high quality geometry, shielding and insulation help improve your system’s sound by reducing noise and capacitance/inductance-related problems. RSX PRIME’s 12+ AWG (per conductor “leg”) construction also reduces resistive losses by using 3.3 times as much copper as an ordinary 18AWG “heavy-duty” power cord; even so, they remain highly flexible. 

All of these thing make your system sound better and make RSX PRIME™ the AC power cord you sho II of consider buying. AC Power Cords Are Much More Complex Than They Seem

AC power cords are much more complex than they seem: Even the simplest power cord — just a pair of insulated wires with plugs on them — still operates on the same physical principles and is subject to all of the same operating concerns as any other cable in your system. That means that it has resistance, capacitance, and inductance; is subject to capacitive discharge effects; and, unless it’s shielded (NOT just grounded) it can be affected by RFI and EMI noise, both field- and line-coupled, to audibly degrade the sound of your system.

Clean, Fast Power Makes Your System Sound Better.

To provide the clean power every component in your system needs to sound its best, your power cables need to be designed and built with fully as much concern for materials and technology as goes into your phono cables, interconnects and speaker cables. That’s what RSX does, and you can easily hear the difference.

RSX Offers Three AC Power Cord Models: PRIME™, MAX™ and BEYOND™

As compared to other cords these are rated “Better“, “Much Better”, and “Best”, in that order. All are constructed using advanced materials and technology and all are recommended to make a clearly audible improvement to the sound of your system. RSX AC power cords are available as standard in 4, 6, 9, and 12 foot lengths with NEMA (US) connectors. Schuko connectors are also available in the same lengths. Custom lengths or connectors are available at extra cost. Contact us for details.

All RSX AC Power Cords Feature…

Exclusive Demand Coupled™ design
100% long crystal, ultra-pure Laboratory Grade™ copper
At least three times as much copper conductor material as conventional “heavy duty” power cords
Multiple interleaved multi-wire conductor arrays
Teflon®-variant+air fluoropolymer dielectrics
Bi-metallic “Faraday Cage” shielded construction
Specially designed high current AC connectors
The above information is from the manufacturer. 


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