Nola SpeakersThunderbolt IIIusedNola Thunderbolt III SubwooferThe Dream:Instantaneous transient response.Continuous subterranean frequencies. Towering output throughout its entire frequency range. We didn't set out to eliminate the compromises for the "typica...600.00

Nola Thunderbolt III Subwoofer [Expired]

no longer for sale

The Dream:
Instantaneous transient response.
Continuous subterranean frequencies. 
Towering output throughout its entire frequency range.
We didn't set out to eliminate the compromises for the "typical subwoofer". We set out to eliminate the compromises for the ultimate no compromise loudspeaker. The result is the Grand Reference System.

This ultimate system redefined what a loudspeaker is capable of. One area where the Grand Reference System changed the rules is bass response. After extensive experimentation, a special 12-inch driver was developed. A blend of natural and synthetic fibers was formulated to create a woofer cone that is both extremely rigid, yet lighter in weight than Kevlar, aluminum, magnesium and titanium cones. A voice coil was developed to provide ultra long excursion, while dramatically reducing the distortion producing back EMF. An extremely rigid cast frame was engineered to support the huge magnetic structure required to control this outstanding woofer. This Grand Reference Subwoofer uniquely provides both rapid response and extremely low continuous frequency response at very high output levels.

We then took the Grand Reference Subwoofer concept and developed the T Bolt III Subwoofer, an innovative subwoofer that has both the high-speed attack of a small woofer and the enormous energy at low frequencies of very large woofers. The Grand Reference concept T Bolt III Subwoofer provides powerful and dynamic yet detailed reproduction to recreate reality at all sound levels, from very soft and delicate to very loud and powerful. This wide range dynamic contrast is lacking in other subwoofers, both large and small.

System Type:
 Powered, front firing ported subwoofer
Front firing allows it to be placed in various locations, such as in a cabinet, without affecting performance.

Driver Diameter: 12 inches
We developed a unique driver with the attack speed of a small woofer and the very deep bass of a large one.

Driver Construction: A blend formulation consisting of both natural and synthetic fibers
Highly rigid with lower mass than Kevlar, aluminum, magnesium or titanium drivers.

Response: 20Hz to 160Hz
We roll off the response below 20Hz to eliminate spurious low frequency noise found in some digital discs.

Crossover Frequency: Continuously variable low pass 40Hz to 160Hz, fixed high pass 100Hz
The wide range, low pass crossover allows proper integration with a wide range of large and small speakers.

Phase: Continuously variable from 0 to 180 degrees
Allows subwoofer's sound wave to properly integrate with loudspeaker, independent of room placement.

Power:Manual or auto on/off, detachable power cord, 120 or 240 Volt operation
Sensing circuit allows subwoofer to be automatically powered on and off by preamplifier or receiver.

Amplifier: Fully discrete Class A/B outputs
Wattage output is ample enough to provide more low-end impact than any competitor's subwoofer.

Finish: Black or cherry wood veneer
The cabinet is handcrafted to very high wood finishing standards to compliment the finest of furnishings.

Cabinet Size: 16" H x 16"W x 18"D (20"D with allowance for grille and power cord)
Small size allows for ease of placement in any room.

Weight: 85 lbs.


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