WadiaIntuition 01usedWadia Intuition 01      Free Shipping Lower 48Wadia Intuition 01 in Black Anodized Finish Link to product detail: http://www.wadia.com/en-US/Products/INTUITION-01 Even though designed with serious thought to the digital inputs in mind this...1699.00

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Wadia Intuition 01 in Black Anodized Finish

Link to product detail:


Even though designed with serious thought to the digital inputs in mind this integrated/DAC treats analog extremely well . I used its analog RCA inputs almost exclusively for both my Sony Hi-Res server and my turntable with the help of  my Mo-Fi Phono preamp .

Wadia may have not done themselves any favors with the styling which was and is bold and not the normal right angular box convention.  But do not mistake this for a mere "lifestyle" component as it has the output horsepower and the sophisticated digital pedigree  that Wadia have always executed to make real sounding music. But enough of my thoughts, what do Hi-Fi critics think about the Wadia Intuition 01?

Wadia Intuition 01 PowerDAC 

"If hearing is believing, then we believe in the Wadia Intuition 01. The company that pioneered digital playback technology has done so again in state-of-the-art and groundbreaking fashion. This high-efficiency 350Wpc Italian-built marvel effortlessly drives any loudspeaker. It boasts seven digital inputs--including a 32-bit/384kHz USB that allows native DSD playback. Digital decoding comes via a 32-bit preamp with 1.5MHz sampling frequency and an ESS 9018 SabreDAC. Wadia’s Digimaster algorithm technology, an innovative remote, two analog inputs, and sleek architecture do the rest. Once you experience the entirely grain-free sound produced by this 15x15-inch modern miracle, there’s no going back."

"Wadia has hit a home run."
– Jeff Dorgay, ToneAudio

Includes :
Intuition Brochure, Owners Manual, speaker cable adapters, power cord, remote, screw driver specific for remote ,extra remote batteries , Wadia fabric cover and original packaging .

Point I will make that  this unit REQUIRES banana speaker connection . I have been using  speaker wires with Nordost  Z Plugs  , the included speaker wire adapters I have no doubt being OEM may suffice but again do not want anyone getting frustrated with the speaker connection required and have never had to use them or test their functionality . 

Will ship In a FedEx provided large outer carton 24 x 24 x. 18 with the the original factory international double box inside 

$1699.00 Final Price Reduction 

Not interested in offers especially with Free Shipping

Again please do not waste your time or mine  making an offer as price is firm!

 Free Shipping lower 48 via FedEx Ground

 Have worked hard to earn  100% Positive feedback on Audiogon, USAudiomart ,Reverb and  even Ebay 

Personal Check or Money Order is acceptable .

From  the copywriters at Wadia: 

“In a world complacent with the status quo comes a breathtaking new design - the Intuition series from Wadia. Taking on function and form, once again redefining the state-of-the-art in music playback, visually seductive and attracting your gaze from every angle, Wadia Intuition is an alluring experience for both the ears and eyes.

The goal was clear – to create a product of the highest caliber to encompass the latest technologies and enclose it in a design that is completely new yet timeless. Every facet has been given the utmost attention: the selection of the finest components, the gently sloping chassis, the intuitive user interface. Intuition is destined to be the soul of any music playback system.
Wadia has advanced its tradition of progressive technology and industrial design, to deliver a product with the utmost in performance and aesthetics while also being environmentally conscious. Intuition focuses on the digital inputs, with 192 kHz/24 bit resolution for Coax, optical and AES and 384 kHz/32 bit via USB. There are also two analog inputs. At the heart of the digital decoding is a high resolution, 32 bit AD/DA digital preamp with a 1.5 MHz sampling frequency. The 350 watt, high efficiency power amplifier is capable of driving any loudspeaker.

Its design is proudly made in Italy.
Key Features of INTUITION 01:

• High power output and excellent current delivery: 350 watts per channel via Class D+ technology
• High resolution USB input: 384 kHz/32 bit
• Native DSD playback via USB

The Intuition 01 utilizes an innovative implementation of Wadia’s celebrated Digimaster algorithm, the Delta-SigMaster (the original Digimaster was a groundbreaking design created over two decades ago). Delta-SigMaster is a 1.536 MHz upsampling algorithm (IIR/FIR 800 taps) far superior to standard industry practices, as well as the previous Wadia Delta-Sigma implementation. The ESS 9018 SabreDAC provides the decoding horsepower delivering effortless musical performance.

Technology, musicality and stunning design combined in a component destined to become an instant classic: Intuition by Wadia.”

in the unlikely event this unit needs any service further down the line George Meyer in Los Angeles is authorized service center but with the quality of build and it running cool unlike class A or Class A/B tube or transistors based integrated amps you are assured years of wonderful sound and daring looks.



Power: 350W + 350W , 1%THD , Load 4 Ohm
Upsampling: 1.536 MHz Wadia Delta-SigMaster IIR/FIR 32 bit upsampling algorithm
Digital to analog: 32bit ESS 9018 SabreDAC Industry Reference
Frequency response: 3hz - 45khz (-3db) for 1w @ 8 ohm
S/N: 113dbA (20-20k hz A weighted)
Jitter: below 1pS RMS
Distorsion: < 0,005% (THD, DIM, SMPTE)
7 Digital Inputs: 1xUSB, 1xTOSLINK Optical, 2xWadialink(I2S), 1xAES/EBU, 2x Coaxial S/PDIF (RCA) , 2x Analog
• Dimensions: 380 mm X 380 mm X 60 mm (15” X 15” X 2 3/8”)
• Weight: 5,6 Kg (12.3 lbs)


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