AnalogueWorksTT-ZeronewAnalogueWorks TT-Zero - Brand New!Looking to purchase your first true high performance turntable or add a second high performance system to your home or office on a budget? Here’s a unique opportunity to purchase a world class turn...1950.00

AnalogueWorks TT-Zero - Brand New! [Expired]

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Looking to purchase your first true high performance turntable or add a second high performance system to your home or office on a budget? Here’s a unique opportunity to purchase a world class turntable at an entry level price while they last.
AnalogueWorks is a small company made up of music lovers based in Northamptonshire, England. They create usable, musical and beautiful turntables using low torque motors, sound engineering practices, common sense, careful listening and a marriage with high performance materials. All of the AnalogueWorks turntables are lovingly hand made and tested in England, thus ensuring you years of trouble free musical enjoyment.
Analogueworks tables are offered at similar or cheaper pricing than many of the well known brand mid-level offerings on the market (for now). The choice is between mass produced, heavily marketed cheap, entry level tables or a well conceived, hand crafted, and aesthetically pleasing table.
This model table easily competes with a great many tables that we sell and/or know of in the $2500 - $5000 category. We’re not exaggerating and we have the customer testimonials to back it up! The workmanship is as good or better than most any of the well known brands at similar price points these days. Packing and manuals are equally impressive. This is an extremely easy table to setup and will serve well as a "set it and forget it", long term investment. Add the performance based value of these tables and this is an easy choice.
This specific listing is for a new TT-Zero, Jelco SA-250 (9 Inch), & Jelco JAC-301Tonearm Cable.  The TT Zero is Analogueworks’ entry level table and but incorporates a number of unique, advanced features not found on any other tables at this price.
- Separate Power Supply/Motor Control
- Isolation Feet
- Low Torque Detached Drive Motor for total elimination of motor vibrations
- Hand Ground, High Tolerance, lifetime Stainless Steel Bearing Assembly
- High Mass Aluminum Platter
- Birch Ply Plinths (Best material available for plinth inertness, excluding high tech      composites)
- Multiple Plinth Top Veneer Finishes
- Interchangeable Arm Boards for Use With a Wide Range of 9 and 10 inch Tonearms
- Tables Available w/o Arm, or with Jelco, SA-250, SA-750 9in. & SA750 10in Arms.
- Tables include one 1 Meter Jelco RCA to 5-Pin DIN Tonearm Cables
Very limited pieces remain available in Walnut, Black, Oak, and Birch finishes while they last.
Our stock of tables and arms are getting quite low with limited veneer choices so don’t wait. The next run of these great tables will likely be well into next year and will be subject to an estimated 30-40 percent increase, not even including the fact that we will also be out of Jelco tonearms.
Our TT Zero turntables can be bundled with a number of available and commensurate cartridges and/or alternative tone arms before shipment. We can install and set up the cartridge along with instructions for the final set up in your own home.
Note: We also have a couple lightly used demo tables available. Let us know if we can answer any questions about our offerings or Analog in general. It’s our passion and specialty!
Feel free to contact us about this offering or any of our many other analog turntables, cartridges, or phono stages (new and used). We have and represent analog products from Ortofon, Rega, Analogueworks, Clearaudio, Music Hall, Luxman, Feikert, Lehmann, J. Sikora, TW Acustic, Lyra, Dynavector, Goldring, Miyajima, Hana, Pure Fidelity, Pure Sound, Gold Note, Tron, New Audio Frontiers, and Trilogy Audio Systems, among others.
We love and know Analog!
Thanks for looking!
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