Peachtree AudioNova 300newNew 300wpc Peachtree Audio Nova 300 Free $1049.00 in cablesAsk us about 6 months NO INTEREST thru PayPal See our Youtube videos and subscribe here: FREE Freight in the lower 48 stat...1899.00

New 300wpc Peachtree Audio Nova 300 Free $1049.00 in cables [Expired]

no longer for sale

       Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST thru PayPal

See our Youtube videos and subscribe here:

         FREE Freight in the lower 48 states

Get a Core Power $200.00 USB cable, $400.00 Gold power cord & pair of 8 ft $449.00 Core Power Gold

spkr cables w/purchase

                        A $1,049.00 value

It is a new Peachtree 2.0 series 300 watts per channel (8 ohms) remote
controlled integrated amp with high quality 32 bit/384k asynchronous USB
DAC that also plays DSD. The 300 watts power amp (450 watts @ 4 ohms)
is coupled to a superb remote controlled preamplifier with phono stage,
home theater bypass and a very good headphone amplifier. It is made in
NORTH AMERICA. The price is the same for the black or Mocha.

And for a limited time get a $500.00 Black Ice Foz SS-X Tube buffer w/Sound-stage Expander- Only $379.00 w/ purchase.

The SS-X adds a little tube liquidity & 3 dimensionality with a bass control.

In their Dancing with the big boys review Digital Audio Review just summed with:

"The nova300 is an exceptional beast. Its combination of ALL of the
above (read: real world flexibility) and serious output power, both into
loudspeakers and headphones, comes wrapped in shell amply
suited to luxury department store shelf space where its über high-end
audio aspirations could end up obscured.

Now you, dear reader, know as much as – if not more than – your nearest Peachtree dealer. Wallop."

They gave it their: KNOCK OUT AWARD

Read the new review here:

Computer Audiophile said:

thought the nova300 was going to be a brute, with its added power, but
it turns out this thing has finesse as well. Unexpected finesse."

nova300 is the homecoming king, the captain of the team, and the
president of the senior class, rolled up into one item. Power, control,
and finesse. This is the nova you want. "

"This is what Peachtree Audio 2.0 is all about. New products, better engineering and even better value."


Audiostream just said:

nova Rocks
had no problem sinking into my library and Tidal's vastness for weeks
on end. While the nova300 does not offer the refinement, realistically
rich and varied tonal palette, and the uncanny you-are-thereness of my
main rig, it is musically right. It rocks.

sense is the people who designed the Peachtree nova300 must have spent a
serious amount of time listening to and enjoying the heck out of it. My
sense is if you are looking for an integrated amp/DAC/headphone
amp/phono amp, you will too."

Read more at:

The Peachtree Audio Nova 300 is the step from the Nova 150 . It is in our opinion the best value in the line with a 300 watt per channel power amplifier. It is a very good looking integrated amp with high quality 32 bit/384k asynchronous 9018 Sabre DAC that plays DSD. The DAC is built around the 9018 ESS Sabre chip with a very sophisticated signal path.
It is as good as any $1500.00 DAC that we know of. The
new 300 watt ICE
powered amp is very stable and does 450 watts into 4 ohm loads
. The DAC also supports both coaxial and 2 optical digital inputs.
It has 2 analog inputs and one can double as a MM phono stage. There is
a home theater bypass as well as a pre-out to support a subwoofer.

There is also a loop thru feature to allow adding outboard processors.
It has a serious headphone amp and a removable power cord. The new design team for the Nova series has done some of the best sounding products made today, at any cost. The
preamplifier in the Nova 300 is worth more than the price of the entire
unit. It outperforms separate preamps selling for double to triple its
Peachtree's great-looking retro cosmetics round this amp
off with black lacquer or the optional gorgeous ebony mocha lacquer
cabinets. A 3-year warranty is included. At $2,499 the Nova 300 is an
amazing value and our favorite under $3,500 integrated amp. We have not
seen any North American made product under $5000.00 that outperforms it.
Made in Canada and the USA.


  • 300 watts per channel, 8Ω
  • 450 watts per channel, 4Ω
  • Stable into 2.5 ohms loads
  • ESS Reference 9018K2M Sabre DAC
  • 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD (double-DSD) compatibility
  • New generation ICEPower amplification
  • World class preamplifier
  • Extensive internal grounding
  • Designed by a world-class engineering team
  • Asynchronous USB, Coax and (2) Optical inputs
  • Phono (MM) input
  • Home Theater Bypass
  • Loop feature to add an external tube buffer, EQ or other processor into the signal path
  • Custom-designed HIGH OUTPUT headphone amplifier
  • Optional Wi-Fi module to be announced
  • Available in Gloss Ebony Mocha and Piano Black
  • Made in North America

All units come with the 3-year Peachtree factory warranty.

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