Audio ResearchPH3 usedUltimate upgraded Audio Research PH3 SEUpgraded Audio Research PH3SE phono pre-amp. Upgrades include: all power supply electrolytics replaced with Mundorf M-Lytic AG MLGO, Elna Silmic II and Nichicon Muse electrolytics. All diodes upgr...1500.00

Ultimate upgraded Audio Research PH3 SE [Expired]

no longer for sale

Upgraded Audio Research PH3SE phono pre-amp. 

Upgrades include:  all power supply electrolytics replaced with Mundorf M-Lytic AG MLGO, Elna Silmic II and Nichicon Muse electrolytics. 

All diodes upgraded to MUR860 FRED and Fairchild Stealth diodes. 

All audio board coupling capacitors replaced with Mundorf Supreme and Supreme Silver/Oil caps. All silver mica caps replaced with Rel-Cap RTE caps. 

All audio board resistors replaced with Takman metal film (<2W) and TDK metal film (2W) resistors. 

Signal path resistors upgraded to Vishay TX2575 Z-Foil nude resistors. 

All FETs replaced with matched Linear Systems LSK170 FETs.

 Additionally, a full spare set of OEM FETs purchased from Audio Research will be included (see pic).

I currently have the loading resistor set at 1K to match my cartridge. However, I also have a pair of 47K Audio Note 
non-magnetic tantalum resistors that I will include.

Operationally perfect. Rated 8/10 for age. Unit is in very good condition. There is one small nick on the bottom back of the faceplate (see photo).

 Unit comes complete with the original manual, original boxes (inner/outer), new Cryo treated Electro-Harmonix 6922 tubes from Upscale Audio with less than 100 hours, tube rings, two cartridge loading kits, and power cord.

Selling only due to an upgrade to ARC Reference components (and want them to match cosmetically)

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