Bache AudioMinimonitor 1newBache Audio Minimonitor 1Minimote 1-cabinet is made from "solid bamboo." You are probably wondering why "solid bamboo" is in quotes. This is because the bamboo panels we use are laminated, but are slats of bamboo that a...2200.00

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 Minimote 1-cabinet is made from "solid bamboo."  You are probably wondering why "solid bamboo" is in quotes.  This is because the bamboo panels we use are laminated, but are slats of bamboo that are laminated together into a solid wood plank.  

These planks are outstanding for production of a speaker cabinet. A cabinet material for a speaker needs a few properties to perform well.  Strength, rigidity, humidity resistance and a uniform density are most important.  Bamboo offers all of these and is sustainable to boot.  

  • 29% stronger than red oak
  • Lamination and machining ensures consistent density 
  • Strength is maximised with the panels laminated on their side
  • Bamboo is a grass rather than a wood making it naturally water resistant - expands and contract as little as plywood

Why is bamboo sustainable:  The fastest growing "tree" on earth, bamboo is actually a grass with wood characteristics. Grows in shoots up to 90 feet tall, but just a few inches in diameter. Harvesting bamboo does not require replanting. Regeneration occurs from the existing root structure which helps prevent soil erosion.  There is no need to use pesticides or fertilizers and

2 way  3 drivers  From prestige Eton (Germany brand) symphony  Line  size 13.5 " H by 7.5" by 13.5 "D   Weight 17.5 lb  Frequency response  55-22000 hz  Impedance -4 ohm  sensitivity -89 db   We offer 2 weeks hassle free trial time , we pay shipping back 

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