SAM (Small Audio Manufacture)AldebarannewSAM (Small Audio Manufacture) Aldebaran Turntable with SAM TonearmTO CHECK AVAILABILITY AND TO GET ON A RESERVE LIST PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST!!! SAM-AUDIO.EU Aldebaran tech details: Plate: MDF/copper/aluminiumDiameter: 301 mmHeight: 60 mmWeight: 4 kgBase ...2500.00

SAM (Small Audio Manufacture) Aldebaran Turntable with SAM Tonearm [Expired]

no longer for sale

Aldebaran tech details:
Plate: MDF/copper/aluminium
Diameter: 301 mm
Height: 60 mm
Weight: 4 kg
Base plates: MDF/aluminium
Weight: 8 kg
Drive: 100 – 230V
Weight: 6 kg
Height: 150 mm
Drive system: DC synchronous
Bearings: Glycodur
Record clamp: full aluminium
Turntable’s base: MDF/aluminium 5 kg  
Total mass: cca 23 kg
********************* Tonearm Calista II TECH DETAILS:
Type: unipivot Center pivot: 240 mm Overhang: 16,5 mm Sequential error +2 / -1 degree Adjusting the tread force using weights in steps of 0.1 g Possibility of height adjustment lever Adjustable VTA Effective weight: 12 g Toneram’s category: mid-heavy to heavy type of arms Material: aluminium and inox Lenght: 10 in Suitable for all kinds of turntables and cartridges
Q:Will this work on american power system?  A: Yes, all of our models are adjusted for power supplies worldwide  Q: Is my X cartridge a good fit for this tonearm? A: Our tonearm is made to fit all of the MC/MM types of cartridges outhere  Q: What's the delivery time for my country?  A: Please check the notes in section below  Q: Is it possible to mount a second or third arm on your turntable?  A: Our turntables can accomodate up to 4 arms  Q: I would love to buy one of your products but I'm afraid of the damage in transportation...  A: In case of any damage during the transport S.A.M. is sending replacement parts free of charge  Q: In your note below, you say that the shipping cost for some european countries is less then advertised. How can you adjust the shipping for my country?  A: Press the 'buy it now' button but do not complete the purchase. After that we'll send you the invoice with shipping rate for your country. Or you can contact us first and we'll send you the link with new listing that will have a rate adjusted for your destination.  Q: How difficult is to assemble your turntable once when it arrives?  A: Our turntables are extremely easy to assemble. No tools are needed and everything can be made by your own hands in only couple of minutes  Q: How difficult is to adjust the tonearm properly?  A: Our tonearm is little bit more complex but we are providing the manual with detailed explanation, all the hex keys for proper installation and the customer can always contact us for any further online help if needed.  Q: What is included in your package or what do i get with my turntable?  A: Package includes turntable, tonearm, turntable's main platform, 2 manuals, belt, all the installation keys, stroboscopic disc, protractor, record clamp, power adapter. Package DOES NOT include cartridge.  Q: Does you products have any kind of warranty?  A: All of Small Audio Manufacture products have 3 years warranty on electronics and 5 years on all other parts. But as long as we are alive we are at our customers disposal and here to help with every kind of possible issue! 
ATTENTION TO EUROPEAN BUYERS: For some countries the shipping cost is less then advertised, so please contact us for the exact shipping rate. We ship worldwide. Delivery time for US/Canada: 8-25 days, European Union 4-10 days, rest of the world 10-25 days. Tracking number included. We mark all of our packages as 'gifts' so in most cases there are no extra custom fees (but there is no guarantee). This turntable, because of it's weight, for some countries has to be shipped in 2 packages. We accept following methods of payment: Ebay, PayPal, IBAN...or you can just personally visit our factory and pick up a turntable there. For all the other info about our work and production please visit Thank you for your attention and feel free to contact us, Small Audio Manufacture