Z AudioCustom RacknewZ Audio Custom Rack Stackable Isolated Shelves, Amp StandsCustom Stackable Audio Rack, Amp Stand. Condition is New. Solid hardwood construction. This auction is for custom made shelves/stands. The shelves are 'butcher block' construction which is inhe...860.00

Z Audio Custom Rack Stackable Isolated Shelves, Amp Stands [Expired]

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Custom Stackable Audio Rack, Amp Stand. Condition is New. Solid hardwood construction. This auction is for custom made shelves/stands. 
The shelves are 'butcher block' construction which is inherently stable physically and acoustically due to the random grain directions of the laminated pieces that make up the shelf. This also makes the shelves extremely strong; they easily hold 400lbs each. I finish the wood with a hand-rubbed low-gloss, oil/varnish mixture.
The shelves have Tech Products 'No vibes' damping feet on the bottom of each leg and a recess on the top of each leg so that each shelf locates and aligns to the next while keeping each shelf isolated. The shelves are 1.5" thick, 19" deep, 22" wide and have 20" clear width between the legs (25" overall width).

Aside from the benefit of flexibility from being stackable in any array, the individual shelves make component installation very easy. Place the first component on a shelf, make it's connections, place the next shelf on top, and then the next component. No need to pull out the rack to get behind it or turn components sideways on the shelf to make connections. Interconnects can be shorter, cable routing neater, and the rack positioned closer to the wall behind.
I can make this system in virtually any configuration. Choose the number of shelves and heights to suit your needs. Choose your woods and orientation (end grain to side or front). In order to purchase a system, message me what you want (number of shelves, height and material, leg material) and your zip code. I will send you back an offer. You can then accept the offer, pay, and I 'll start making your system.
Standard heights are 4.5", 6.5", 9", 10.5", and 12" (3", 5", 7.5", 9", and 10.5" clearance underneath shelf).

Wood choices for shelves are:
Hevea, Maple, Oak, Walnut, and Cherry (arranged by price low to high)

Standard leg materials available are:
Maple, Oak, Cherry, Hickory, and Walnut

A 3-shelf system with Hevea shelves and Walnut legs, 6.5", 9", and 10.5" high costs $563. The main picture shows 2 of these systems, side-by-side. Hevea shelves are on the lower end, cost-wise. Maple and Oak are in the middle and Walnut and Cherry on the upper end of the scale. Shelf end grain facing forward is standard, end grain facing to the side adds 20% to the shelf cost.

If you don't see what you're looking for send me a message and ask. I also custom design and build other audio-related products such as speakers, speaker stands, turntable plinths, component sides, and studio furniture - when I'm not building guitars. Please have a look at my other auctions.

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