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Cube Audio Nenuphar Minis

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Cube Audio Nenuphars now available in SOCAL!

Audio Simulacrum now an affiliate of Decware - maker of the finest handcrafted SET amplifiers in the world!  Call for special bundle price.

In my never-ending quest for “the absolute sound”,  never have I heard speakers that tricked me into thinking I was hearing live acoustic instruments playing in real space better, longer and “more convincingly” than the Cube Audio Nenuphars.  

The Nenuphar is the “flux capacitor” of my stereo time machine.  This is what makes sonic time travel possible!  

Last night was a magical experience.  The moment the stylus hit the record, I was whizzed through the sonic wormhole emerging in 1963 at Carnegie Hall, smack in the beginning of The Weavers’ rendition of “Ramblin’ Boy”!  Never heard this cut reproduced with such spooky realism.  The audiences’ cheers and applause enveloped me in a 3D manner, each set of clapping hands clearly discernible.  Magic!  I was laughing uncontrollably while tears rolled down my cheeks - no bull!  The sheer naturalness of the Weavers’ voices singing was eerily real and so hauntingly beautiful.  “Guantanamera” almost made me swoon!  Listening experiences like this justifies all the sufferings and sacrifices we audiophiles had to endure and make just to hear a few moments of sonic bliss!  

The Nenuphars are crossover-less, high efficiency, full range widebanders.  Revolutionary innovation and novel design by Grzegorz Rulka and his Polish team of audio engineers eliminated the shortcomings that usually plague speakers of this type - namely the tendency to shout and truncated frequency extremes.  The drivers are wired directly to the WBT binding posts ensuring the most direct and shortest signal path from your amplifier(s).  There are no unnecessary electronics or connections to corrupt or degrade the signal.  Simple is best and this is audio at its simplest.  Once you’ve heard this level of sonic purity, there is no going back.  The experience is transcendental!  Here are some of what the audio industry’s most respected reviewers say about these game-changing transducers:

“Perhaps the most perfect speaker available today! Total Magic!” - Peter Breuninger of AVShowrooms

“Nenuphar delivers the music with undisputed realism and immediacy.” - Matej Isak of Mono & Stereo

“Reviewing the Nenuphar was a personal highlight in going on two decades of reviewing here and elsewhere.” - Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons

“Nenuphar emerged as one of the very best speakers I’ve ever heard.” - Dawid Grzyb of HiFi Knights

My name is Jojo Isip of Audio Simulacrum, recently appointed dealer of Nenuphar speakers here in America’s finest city, San Diego, California.  If you live nearby, or in SOCAL with no other Cube Audio dealer, I am your man.  I will personally set up and integrate the Nenuphars in your system.  In addition, I will clean and tune up your system including your turntable.  I will also clean your most important listening instrument: your ears!  I am a licensed RN with the right tools and experience to do the job safely and properly.  Let me share with you my absolute passion for music and its highest-fidelity reproduction.  Let’s go through that wormhole together!  

Cube Audio Nenuphar Minis are ready for audition and demonstration.  Please call 619 994-3422 or email [email protected] to set up an appointment.

For my first and inaugural sale, the lucky customer will get a pair of PENAUDIO Rebel 2s for free!

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