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Constellation Audio Centaur Stereo Reference Amp: [Expired]

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        Centaur Stereo, Silver (first version) :


                             Client's Move forced sale:

David Weinhart says... this sounds first class, rich harmonics, plentiful decay and huge sound stage fantastic and it is true reference sound and a superb sounding and truly impressive and looking 125-watt single-ended amplifier !

TAS says:

The Absolute Sound - Editor's Choice 2016

The Absolute Sound

Inspiration STEREO 1.0, Inspiration MONO 1.0, Inspiration PREAMP 1.0, Centaur Stereo, Argo, Perseus, Virgo III, Altair II, Hercules II Mono have been awarded the Absolute Sound 2015 Editor's Choice award.

Editors Choice Awards 2017

The Absolute Sound

Editors Choice Awards from Issue #271 of TAS

Stereo 1.0 Mono 1.0 Centaur Stereo Centaur Mono Hercules Argo Preamp 1.0 Virgo III Altair II Perseus Hercules II Stereo Hercules II Mono

Rather than bulking up the Centaur by simply adding more transistors - and losing the delicious subtleties and microdynamics for which smaller, simpler amplifiers are treasured - Constellation Audio's "dream team" of engineers decided on a different approach.First, we built a superb-sounding 125-watt single-ended amplifier. Then we designed it as a module so that we could achieve any desired power rating by simply adding more modules. The resulting 250-watt-per-channel stereo amplifier sounds exactly like that original 125-watt single-ended amplifier, just twice as powerful.

Balanced drive design.

Like the Hercules, Constellation Audio's top-of-the-line Reference series amplifier, the Centaur uses a balanced drive design, a unique, fully complementary circuit topology that achieves an essentially perfect balance between the positive and negative halves of an audio signal. Other fully complementary amplifiers use different types of transistors for the positive and negative halves of the signal, so they are never quite perfectly matched. The Centaur instead uses matched single-ended amplifier modules employing only N-type output transistors. Thus, an ideal balance - and the best possible fidelity - is achieved.

250 watts per channel into 8 ohms

With the current to deliver 500 watts into a 4-ohm load and 800 watts into a 2-ohm load, the Centaur has enough power to drive any speaker, even state-of-the-art full-range models.

Balanced drive circuit design

Because the Centaur uses only N-type output transistors, it achieves essentially perfect positive/negative balance ? something no amplifier that uses half N-type and half P-type output transistors can match.

Modular amplifier design

The Centaur is built from multiple 125-watt single-ended modules so it delivers the power of a large amplifier with the finesse of a small amp.

Fully discrete circuitry

The audio circuits inside the Centaur are constructed using discrete components only, with no analog audio ICs.

1,600-watt custom-wound toroidal transformer

A large toroidal transformer provides ample current for the Centaur's power rails. To provide independent, stable power to the left and right channels, the transformer uses separate windings for left and right channels. Thus, high power demand on the one channel does not affect the performance of the other.

Inherently stable design

The modular design of the Centaur is inherently stable, so it does not require a Zobel network at its output to ensure reliable performance at high frequencies.

Large heat sinks with carefully engineered ventilation

The high thermal mass of the Hercules' huge heat sinks, combined with hundreds of large ventilation ports, assures low airflow impedance and effective cooling.

Line Stage Gain Module

This same balanced preamplification stage found in our Virgo preamp is also used in the Centaur, to assure that the amplifier circuit receives a perfectly balanced signal. This fully complementary circuit is actually two preamps, one amplifying the positive half of the signal and the other amplifying the negative half.

Constellation Link balanced interface

The Constellation Link interface assures the best possible sound quality from Constellation Audio components. It carries the perfectly balanced signals from the Virgo or Altair preamplifiers to the Centaur and allows the user to bypass the Line Stage Gain Module on the Centaur, reducing the number of gain stages in the signal chain.

Inputs: 2 XLR (1 for Constellation Link), 1 RCA
Outputs: metal binding posts
Power output: 250 watts, 8? (1 kHz @ 1% THD+N) 500 watts, 4? (1 kHz @ 1% THD+N) 800 watts, 2? (1 kHz @ 1% THD+N)
Gain: 14dB (Constellation Direct)/26 dB Balanced & RCA
Output noise: <70 ?V, 500 kHz BW, -116 dB @ 250 watts
Damping factor: (8Ω load)160
THD+N: <0.05%, 1 kHz @ rated power
Frequency response: 10 Hz to 100 kHz, +1/-0.5 dB
Input impedance (balanced): 20 K?
Input impedance (single-ended): 10 K?
Output impedance: 0.05?
Weight: 98 lbs / 44.5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 17 x 11 x 20 in (W,H,D)


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