Hansen AudioKnightusedHansen Audio KnightGreetings, For sale are my Hansen Knights in silver color… $6,000 Purchased in 2017 from the distributor in Taiwan as dealer demos, so technically I am the first owner. I’ve loved these spe...6000.00

Hansen Audio Knight [Expired]

no longer for sale


For sale are my Hansen Knights in silver color… $6,000

Purchased in 2017 from the distributor in Taiwan as dealer demos, so technically I am the first owner. I’ve loved these speakers over the past few years. Incredible imaging and huge sound for a small footprint. I am dismantling my master bedroom system, so they are now for sale. Freight delivery only, buyer to pay all fees.

Information below from Hansen’s website (note these speakers are Hansen Knight version 1, not 2. Specifications are identical between version 1 and 2, only the exterior finish has changed from Mercedes Benz premium paint to animal-free leather):

Exquisite in form and sound. Delicate and visceral, with perfect balance and harmony. THE KNIGHT 2 is a three driver, floor standing loudspeaker. The woofer and mid-band drivers are engineered, designed and manufactured by Hansen Audio to match perfectly with the High Precision tweeter made for Hansen Audio. These drivers all use the exotic multi-layer composite sandwich cones mated to the powerful Hansen optimized geometry motor assembly. All Hansen Audio drivers incorporate Sound Wave Deformation Prevention technology. The elegant hybrid enclosure utilizes the New Hansen Audio Matrix 2 material, finished in the Hansen Audio Class "A" finish. The enclosure uses the amazing Sound Wave Diffraction Distortion Elimination technology developed exclusively by Hansen Audio. THE KNIGHT 2 is designed sonically and visually, to last, and be enjoyed for many generations to come.

All Hansen Audio loudspeakers are meticulously hand-built in Canada, incorporating Hansen Audio designed and built drivers. This marriage of advanced scientific research, dedication to a philosophy of uncompromising quality, purity of sound and gracefully elegant enclosures are at the heart and soul of Hansen Audio loudspeakers.


- Time Coherent
- Dispersion Coherent
- Frequency Response: 29 hz to 23,000hz +/-2db
- Sensitivity: 89db
- Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
- True Dynamic
- Tonal Accurate

- Engineered, designed, and manufactured by Hansen Audio
- Sound wave diffraction distortion elimination technology
- Acoustically inert

- High current pole terminal
- Decreased transition resistance

WEIGHT - 285 lbs. (In Crate)

- Height: 39 inches
- Width: 9 inches
- Depth: 13 inches

FINISHES- Luxury Leather (Animal Free)
- Hansen Audio Luxury Leather - Black
- Hansen Audio Luxury Leather - Stone
- Hansen Audio Luxury Leather - Terra Cotta

- Driver protection grills included
(to be removed during critical listening)


- Engineered, designed and manufactured for Hansen Audio
- 25mm high performance dome mounted on a dispersion optimized 6mm aluminum plate
- Precision assembled

- Engineered, designed and manufactured by Hansen Audio
- 182 mm driver x 2
- Exotic multi-layer composite sandwich cone
- Optimized geometry "Hansen motor system"
- Hand assembled "Hansen Architecture" frames
- Sound wave deformation prevention

- Engineered, designed and manufactured by Hansen Audio
- Hansen Audio Enlightened Technology
- Frequency and phase optimized
- Hand assembled
- High grade hand selected components
- Point to point high grade solder connections

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