Core Power TechnologiesEqui=Core 1000newCore Power Technologies Equi=Core 1000 8.5 amp, 1000 watt balanced conditionerIntroducing the Core Power Technologies Equi=Core 1000 balanced power conditioner Save $500 for a limited time Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal ...999.00

Core Power Technologies Equi=Core 1000 8.5 amp, 1000 watt balanced conditioner [Expired]

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   Introducing the Core Power Technologies    Equi=Core 1000 balanced power conditioner  

               Save $500 for a limited time

       Ask us  about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal


      Add 3 $60.00 copper duplexes only $99.00 -HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

         Add a $400.00 Gold power cord for only $99.00 with purchase

The Equi=Core 1000 is a smaller 1000 watt version of our highly reviewed 1800 MK2.

In the Tone Audio review they say:

with so many things Underwood has sent us, this product is an extreme
value proposition, especially at the current $999 internet direct
to ten minutes in, you should be able to hear what you need to hear.
With the Equi=Core in place, backgrounds become more silent, which
equals more dynamics, better low-level resolution, and none of the
complex overtones that you’re used to with stringed or wind instruments
are corrupted."

as with the other Equi=Core products, the balanced isolation
transformer has an even more noticeable effect with vacuum tube gear.
Even our reference Nagra Classic Phono Preamp, which is very silent, is
even more silent plugged into the Equi=Core 1000. It goes from hearing a
little bit of noise when your head is close to the tweeter, to no
noise. Our Line Magnetic LM-805 SET amp is lovely, but slightly noisy
with a touch of hum. Again, nearly all of this is gone with the EQ1000."


"Again, Core Power gets the job done right and without requiring you to cancel your vacation plans. Highly recommended.


Read the entire review here:

In the Sept 2020 Equi=Core 1800MK2 review in Positive Feedback they say:
"So how does the performance of the Equi=Core stack up?

        To be frank, it is a giant killer."

"Making the switch to the Equi=Core removed that noise, and this alone left me quiet satisfied. As I listened to the system with the Equi=Core I also noticed a slightly more relaxed top end and more bass definition from my amplifier. I have found that tube amplifiers in particular really loved the Equi=Core 1800 MK2."

"The Equi=Core 1800 MK2 was extremely effective at killing transformer hum

 and vibration. The result was an inkier black background and more
separation between instruments and artists."
"When I compared the Equi=Core to my PS Audio Power Plant P12 I found
that the systems sounded incredibly similar, however, the PS Audio Power
Plant P12 actually caused more transformer hum in my tube amplifiers.
When you consider that the retail price of the P12 is double the cost of
the Equi=Core, and that the P12 is only a 10 amp unit, it paints the

Equi=Core's value proposition in an incredibly good light, and makes it

easy to recommend."

Read the entire review at:

The new EQUI=CORE 1000 is
a 8.5 amp, 1000 watt, balanced line conditioner. It comes standard with
3 Hubbell style duplex outlets.  The 1000 supports up to 6 products. It
also offers surge protection in addition to sonics that typically sell
for $2500.00 – $3000.00 from the competition. It comes with a standard
inexpensive power cord and we have great deals on upgraded cords with
purchase of the 1000. It will run the majority of full audio systems with 200 watts/ch amps or smaller.

Add three of our $60.00 gold plated copper duplexes for only $99.00

Add a $400.00 Gold series power cord for only $99.00

The E=Q 1000 is 5.5″ high and 12" wide x 10″ deep and weight 32 pounds.
noise and hum in your system through the clever use of “Common Mode
Rejection” CMR technology

  • Extensively used in small recording studios and high-end audio installations
  • Eliminates mains interference by Common Mode Rejection
  • Increases S/N Ratio by over 15-20 dB
  • True Balanced 120v or 230V Power
  • Removes Power Line Noise
  • Eliminates Ground Loops in House Wiring
  • Reduces Radiated Fields from Power Cords
  • Soft Start Protects Equipment From Turn-On Surges
  • Reduces Interference Between Equipment

Buy with confidence from AudiogoN’s #1 rated dealer by feedback.

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conditioner and all other Core Power conditioners.

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