InnuosStatementusedInnuos StatementRARELY AVAILABLE USED - Gorgeous looking and sounding reference level Innuos Statement for sale. This is the Silver model, with 2TB HD in as new condition with 1.8 Terabytes of my music on it. Many...8750.00

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Innuos Statement [Expired]

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RARELY AVAILABLE USED - Gorgeous looking and sounding reference level Innuos Statement for sale. This is the Silver model, with 2TB HD in as new condition with 1.8 Terabytes of my music on it. Many of these are high resolution titles. Will include for free if you like or I can delete my music to make room.  

New Innuous 2.0 software is said to take this unit to an even better level, making it easily the best server under $30,000. 

From the Audio Beatnik review (written prior to the 2.0 update):

My System and the Innuos Statement 

From almost the moment I touched play on my iPad Pro, I knew the Statement was never leaving my system. The big question is, why does it make such a difference? 
As an LP guy for most of my life, I am reminded of essentially the same question about turntables. All a turntable needs to do is turn an LP at a certain speed and keep that speed completely steady. The only other thing it needs to do is not vibrate. It never made any sense to me why the turntable makes a bigger difference than the tonearm or cartridge, at least in my opinion. 
I started my review of the Innuos ZENmini Mk3/LPS by saying, “Guess what, there really is music hidden in those digits! Until the Innuos ZENmini Mk3 showed up in my listening room, this ‘dyed in the wool’ vinyl lover didn’t really believe that.”  Well, that was true, but until I heard the Statement I had no idea how much music was there to be heard in my home. If I had to pick one word to sum up how my system sounded with the Statement in it, that word would be “more”.  

More Like Music 

I did not say it sounds musical; the word musical carries too much baggage. In no way am I saying it sounds really warm and smooth. It’s simple. What I am saying is that with the Statement, drums sounded more like drums, cymbals sounded more like cymbals and so forth. The tone, timbre, and harmonics of instruments sounded more like real instruments. 
A singer’s voice is both the most difficult and the easiest instrument to make sound realistic on a recording. If it is well recorded, a solo folk singer accompanied by an acoustic guitar can make a budget system sound great. On the other hand, singers like Rhiannon Giddens, one of my favorites, can really test the limitations of your system. Many systems simply cannot hold it together as her voice becomes more intense and powerful and at a louder volume.
There are a lot of things I don’t understand about servers, and about this server in particular. For example, how does the Innuos Statement play her voice and that of other singers without falling apart at volumes above what my ears can take? Also, why am I able to hear many more nuances from both male and female voices? While I don’t know the answers, I do know that all of this leads to my system sounding more like music and less like a hi-fi.  

More Frequency Extension 

With the Statement, I also heard my system play some of the most beautiful treble notes I have ever heard from a pair of QUAD ESL 57s, and they can play some beautiful treble. The bass plays deeper, with more power, more definition, and more air and decay from the instruments themselves. Like I said above, drums just sound more like drums, stand up basses sound like they’re standing in your room being played or on the stage where they were recorded.
The frequency extension is especially easy to hear when listening to a piano. I have never heard my system come anywhere close, not even with analog, to making a piano sound so real from the deepest bass notes to the extreme treble notes. It did not matter whether it was Bach, Jazz piano, or even a ragtime pianist, it simply sounded just right and very beautiful.  

More Drive, Power, and Dynamics 

Innuos Statement top inside view 3 I was also shocked by the dynamic range of my system with the Statement providing the source. The dynamic range in every way exceeded my expectations. I know that dynamic range is supposed to be one of the hallmarks of digital reproduction, but that has not always been my experience. I have heard very few systems that could match the dynamic range of the DS Audio Master One Cartridge System, for example.
Not only did my system have more dynamics overall, it simply sounded more powerful. The difference was apparent and easily heard by anyone. This power gave the music much more drive and musical flow resulting in a more alive and real sound. I had never heard this sound from a digital system, and it matched most vinyl rigs.  

Much More Information 

After listening for only an hour or so, it was apparent. I knew I was hearing much more information than I had heard before from a digital source. For example, I could hear more of the leading edge and the decay of strings and percussion instruments. I could also hear more of the air and space around the instruments.
This increase in information produced a much more coherent and holistic soundstage. This was, as would be expected, much more apparent on live recordings. Let’s be honest, on studio recording we are hearing the sound space the recording engineer wants us to hear. Listening with the Statement, however, it didn’t matter if it was a symphony orchestra, a jazz quartet, or a rock recording. It simply sounded more like I was there at the event.

I Could Enjoy Music More 

Finally, and most importantly, with the Statement, I enjoyed listening to music more. The combination of the Innuos Statement music server and the BoarderPatrol DAC played jazz, vocals, rock, bluegrass, and classical music in a way that could be beautiful and relaxing, or it could play music that had raw power, drive and punch. Best of all, I enjoyed its ability to draw me into the music and involve my emotions.
Remember all of the listening for this review was with the BoarderPatrol DAC. So, none of the listening was done with real hi-rez or DSD files. I have a brand new Statement ordered, and I will be adding it to my personal system soon. 
My next review will be of the Statement with the Lampizator Golden Atlantic DAC, and then I plan to review it with the PS Audio DirectStream DAC. So, stay tuned to hear more. Let me close by saying the Innuos Statement has done more to change my opinion of digital music reproduction than anything has before. Like I said earlier, it let me discover that there is a lot of music in those digits. I had just never heard it before."  
Wire or Paypal f&f preferred and shipping paid by buyer. Includes new external and original internal boxes and packaging.

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