Minus K100BM-8usedMinus K 100BM-8FS: Minus K 100BM-8 isolation platform, NEW unused condition. This was purchased directly from Minus K and is BRAND NEW. This is the model 100BM-8 one of their most popular for turntable isolation....2500.00

Minus K 100BM-8 [Expired]

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FS: Minus K 100BM-8 isolation platform, NEW unused condition. This was purchased directly from Minus K and is BRAND NEW. This is the model 100BM-8 one of their most popular for turntable isolation. It is optimized for 'tables with an all-up weight between 75-100 lbs. It can be recalibrated at the factory for loads <75 lbs or >100 lbs. Minus K sell factory direct only and there are no discounts off their posted prices. This is a great opportunity to get a new one at discount. The box was opened to inspect the contents only. I also have a custom cut and polished 3/4 " quartz platform in medium gray limestone finish that adds 28# of mass and provides a flat and smooth surface between the table and perfectly sized to fit atop the Minus K top plate. My cost for the quartz shelf was over $300, I will include it for an extra $150. It is also new and unused. Shipping is at buyers sole cost and expense, PayPal adds 3%. 

This Minus K Technology 100BM-8 is TRULY INCREDIBLE at how effective it is at vibration isolation. There are many anti vibration devices on the market, but this one is going all the way for your turntable. If your table is under 50 lbs. you can add extra weight to it with additional wood block, stone or steel, to optimize the suspension.

Specs as follows: Weight: Approximately 40 lb. (18 kg) Dimensions: 18" W x 20” D x 4.6” H Payload weight range: 50 - 105 lb. (23 - 47 kg)

Vertical natural frequency of 1/2 Hz or less can be achieved over the entire load range. Horizontal natural frequency is load dependent. 1/2 Hz or less can be achieved at or near the upper limits of the payload range. Simple Set-Up and Adjustment.

Audio Reproduction
The highest-performance vibration isolation platforms that have been widely used in industry for the most sensitive applications like atomic force microscopes are now available at competitive prices to enhance audio systems.

“I just wanted to commend Minus K on building an outstanding product – we are extremely pleased with our BM-1 bench top isolator.

Minus K’s negative stiffness technology intrinsically makes sense to me as a mechanical engineer, and brings truly fresh thinking to the problems of vibration isolation. Moreover, negative stiffness works – and not only does it work, but it works better than many other solutions. After we evaluated numerous audiophile and industrial vibration isolation solutions, we found that Minus K was not only one of the strongest performers for our high-end audio application, but also provided excellent value.

Before learning of Minus K, we had anticipated needing either an air based or active isolation solution to get the sonic performance we wanted, and were pleasantly surprised to find that we could achieve the same performance using a passive solution from Minus K while simultaneously eliminating the need and extra cost for special facilities like air or power. In addition, installation and set-up couldn’t have been quicker or easier – we unpacked our isolator and had our application set up in about 20 minutes without any difficulties.

You can count The Audio Archive as a satisfied customer, and we will certainly look to Minus K again to meet our future needs.”

Eric Jacobs

The Audio Archive

"A Minus-k vibration isolation system should be considered mandatory by anyone who is serious about vinyl playback. With its 0.5-Hz natural frequency, the isolation performance of the BM-8 system is vastly superior to most of the “audiophile” products on the market. This upgrade to my analog source has allowed me to hear everything that is on the LP by thoroughly isolating the playback system from ambient vibrations. We have done the “jump-up-and-down” test many times: even heavy falling objects near the turntable have absolutely no audible effect. I live in an 80-year-old house built on a pier-and-beam foundation, about the furthest thing from a well-damped oscillator. My listening room therefore would be an extreme challenge for any vibration-isolation system.

It is difficult to overstate the benefits of this level of isolation to analog music reproduction. Images are palpable and more stable, there’s an enormous reduction in the “noise floor,” and it’s now possible to appreciate the full scale and dynamic range of an LP recording. The folks at Minus-k are extremely accessible and go out of their way to make certain that their products work in your particular application. In my case, I needed a modification so I could independently level the isolator. They custom-engineered a solution for me and shipped it within days.

I first became aware of their products as an atomic-force microscope user, but decided to ignore the usual “do not try this at home” caution. I am extremely glad that I did and am considering another Minus-k system – this time for laboratory use."

Stephen Levene, Ph.D.

Biophysicist and audiophile

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