LectorVFI-70LusedLector VFI-70L - Integrated amplifierFor Sale: 1 x Lector VFI-70L Integrated stereo amplifier, 120V mains. Selling my lovely Lector integrated amplifier. I am the original owner. It is near mint condition; and thus am rating it a...1500.00

Lector VFI-70L - Integrated amplifier [Expired]

no longer for sale

For Sale:  1 x Lector VFI-70L Integrated stereo amplifier, 120V mains.

Selling my lovely Lector integrated amplifier.  I am the original owner.  It is near mint condition; and thus am rating it a "9" on the Audiogon scale.  I have used this integrated very sparingly - as it's primary role is just a back-up for my "main rig" if/when it is ever in need of service or repair.  Since my main rig has gone to all solid-state about 3-years ago, the need for a back-up has dropped significantly.  Thus, it has not seen much use while I have owned it, and hence, it should go to a rightful owner who will truly enjoy it day-in, day-out. 

Lector Strumenti Audio of Northern Italy has been making unique and very musical electronics since 1982 (almost 40-years!); and, as you know, the Italians really like their electronics to be musical first, and aesthetically beautiful second.  It is a wonderfully musical integrated, of the hybrid type:  triode tube in the Input stage, with a MOSFET solid state Output stage.     

Here are a few more SPEC's:   

  • 2 separate Toroidal transformers:  1 for triode Input stage, 1 larger for Output stage    
  • Input Stage:  "Class A" for tube driver without feedback control.  Triode tube:  6922 / ECC 88    
  • Output Stage:  50Watts/channel @ 8-Ohms, 70Watts/channel @ 4-Ohms.  Low feedback amount employed    
  • Internal hand wire layout for sensible circuit for power supply, output stages, etc.    
  • Only 1 capacitor in signal path    
  • Input Impedance:  56k Ohms    
  • Includes:   Cheery wood side panels  ($ 350 upgrade option)    
  • Includes:   Volume Remote control  ($ 100 upgrade option)    
  • Includes:  All original OEM double-boxing (and each box is double corrugated cardboard), internal stuffing, remote control, owners manual, and OEM power cord.
Physical - Dimension / Weight: 
  • Unit NET:  16" (W), 4.25" (H), 12" (D) 
  • Unit NET: 18 lbs. 
  • BOX SHIPPING:  23" (W), 12" (H), 19" (D)
  • BOX SHIPPING:  27 lbs.

Shipping/Payment arrangements:

·      Buyer pays for actual shipping and insurance costs to their address.  I am open to FedEx or to buyer’s preferred shipping courier within the USA.

·      I will accept Certified Cashier's Check from Bank of America, cash (if local), or personal check from US bank (after it fully clears).

·      If the buyer would like to use PayPal, a 3% PayPal fee will be added after the final shipping and settled price is totaled.

·      Reasonable offers considered.  Lowball offers and zero/negative feedback members will be kindly ignored.  

Thank you for looking.

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