Audio BastionAB-DX-1S-LargenewAudio Bastion X RACK DESKTOP SYSTEM - TEMPO SERIES DX-1 for Headphone Amp or DACMaterial: Aluminum, Stainless steel, and Silicone For: Headphone Amp or DACSize: W508mm x D388mm x H68mmLoaded: 15kgLayer: 1 LayerReady to ship in 4-6 week HOW IT'S MADE?T6061 Aluminum & Han...200.00

Audio Bastion X RACK DESKTOP SYSTEM - TEMPO SERIES DX-1 for Headphone Amp or DAC [Expired]

no longer for sale

Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel, and Silicone 
For: Headphone Amp or DAC
Size: W508mm x D388mm x H68mm
Loaded: 15kg
Layer: 1 Layer
Ready to ship in 4-6 week


T6061 Aluminum & Hand Polished 304 Stainless steel frame parts, the trustable material adopted for many years in the industry, are designed for being assembled on solid shelves in flat black finish. The rear of the rack is totally free for the best care of the cables and components.



If you are using a Headphone amp or DAC, you can check our AudioBastion stands for your needs. Just be sure that the bottom feet of your components are able of being accommodated on the whole surface of the shelf designed for this purpose. Placing a huge, medium or small amplifier on one of these stands will give many benefits, both in terms of space and air conditioning of your components.



The bottom frame parts are made of stainless steel combined with our legendary regulable spikes for a perfect leveling of the structure. All the hardware frame parts are designed with inner spikes that increase the dampening of vibrations for reducing the frequencies that may generate resonance in the listening rooms. Audio-video components (like for example turntables, amplifiers, speakers, etc) may spread resonance in your spaces. This will never give benefits to your listening experiences, especially if we consider all the sound vibrations that may be reflected on the walls, floors, and surfaces on which the audio system could be positioned. Our racks are specifically designed for damping these vibrations.



With the X racks, it will be possible to give more value to your audio system, achieving huge benefits to the music experiences. Always taking into consideration the characteristics of audio environments, by reducing the negative effects of resonance it will be possible to have more clarity, depth, and scene for the audio experiences. Our racks are engineered to not make changes on the audio frequencies (no "sound coloration"). Your components, present, and future, will be accommodated in the right place and your room will have unique furniture, specifically designed for your audio-video equipment.