Black ShadowStealth Power Cord newStealth power cord 1 meter carbon fiberThe Black Shadow Stealth Power Cord was designed and built with absolute quality and performance as the only criteria. The Black Shadow is designed with four conductors hand woven and 2 isolated ...300.00

Stealth power cord 1 meter carbon fiber [Expired]

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The Black Shadow Stealth Power Cord was designed and built with absolute quality and performance as the only criteria.
The Black Shadow is designed with four conductors hand woven and 2 isolated / shielded ground conductors.
This is state of the art noise rejection. The hand braided design naturally repels noise and inductance, and these Quad ground conductors actively draw away RF interference, magnetic inductance, and all electronic noise straight to ground.
This is a superior solution to metal or braided shields that are known to collapse the sound field.

The design incorporates parallel conductors, the cable provides double the current carrying capacity .
Conductors are woven to substantially reduce magnetic field radiation and pickup of external noise.
Cable consists of four separate, Silver plated / Teflon insulated conductors braided into interlocking loops,
providing the quietest cable available, and less overall pickup of external fields or radiation. 2 additional conductors are isolated in a Viton sleeve to ground .

For the braid,referred to as "Milloit braid," after Henry Albert Milloit
who invented and patented this type of braid for the Perfection Mica Company back in 1960 (see patent no. 2,958,724).

Custom made silver/rhodium woven Power cord 1 Meter
These cords feature 12 AWG gauge, Aerospace Silver plated wire.
You can not source better power cable wire than this.
They are composed of over 500 individual strands of silver wire for incredible flexibility.
Each conductor is wrapped in premium grade TechFlex jacketing for an high end appearance and long service life.
Each cable is hand braided before being mated to the Connectors.

Top of the line Power Cord
Patented woven 4 conductor silver wire,
First of all, there is no other cable on the market at this price point that even comes close to these. No hype, No snake oil No voodoo.
Pure, simple, outstanding cables with performance approaching the very best and most expensive audio cables on the market, for a fraction of the price.
Well below what audiophiles normally expect to pay for superbly engineered and hand crafted components. Best Value of any cables available.

All my cables are made by hand by me one at a time, I'm a small operation working at my home, with a small markup (40%) including labor.
Unlike large cable manufactures which have a large overhead and typically charge 16 - 20 times cost. My mission is to the finest audio components, of the finest materials, at a reasonable price.

Power cords are a passive component, They connect the plug in the wall to a component,
They are passive and cannot add anything, they can only take away,
Components like Amplifiers / Conditioners require massive reserve current for transformers / power supplies to remain stable during current draw and dynamic audio passages,
This cord is constructed of 12 AWG Mil-spec silver plated pure copper wire capable of providing all the current any Amp/Conditioner made today could require.
The cost of my cables are in the intrinsic value of the materials.
The very expensive power cords on the market today, usually offer the same features at 10 times the price but do to the industry 16 times cost  \formula must charge high prices, for their products.

The majority of the high end power cables (typically over $2,000 per) are made from silver conductors with Teflon insulation.
These expensive materials generally are thought to sound the best.
Prices for these premium cables are high for these reasons:
The materials ( silver and Teflon) and the labor-intensive processes, both are costly.
Then, the manufacturer expends enormous resources on advertising, to maintain their brand." These advertising expenses must be added to the final product cost.
Also, cables are not sold directly to end users. Instead, manufacturers sell to stereo dealers who resell the product to end users, after adding their markup.
Dealers typically charge twice their cost. They must earn this amount, as profit, in order to survive, because they, too, have necessary high costs- rent, advertising, salaries and sales commissions, business taxes, etc.

Let’s analyze the distribution of funds paid by the end user for a 8-foot silver and Teflon power cable from a name brand manufacturer:

Cost of Materials $ ..200.
Assembly Labor Costs $ ..175.
Administrative and Sales Costs $ ..125.
Advertising Costs $..225.
Manufacturer's Profit $..275.
Dealer Mark-Up $1,000.

The wire is MIL spec aerospace stranded silver plated copper wire, silver being the best conductor of electricity,
Teflon insulation is very close to air resulting in very low capacitance which makes the cable suitable for any audio component as it will not contribute to instability,or absorb the signal.
Teflon insulation is very thin resulting in a cable that is lightweight and flexible.This cable will not stress the jacks on your components, but is very large gauge. Connectors: Carbon Fiber/Solid alloy housings, Rhodium conductors.
External housings are made cut from a solid block by CNC machine. Surface housing is carbon fiber and offers effective electromagnetic shielding. Conductors are Rhodium plated copper alloy.Rhodium plate processing brings silk like dedicated sound characteristics, which is very close to the sound characteristics of pure silver, while rhodium will not oxidized like silver which will look and sound great for years.  REVIEW:

The Power cord is sounding GREAT.
I took it up to my buddy's house .The wife and i went there for the weekend.
He has and uses a Tara Labs THE ONE power cord on his Lampizator.
I convinced him to try the Tunis Cord. He and i both like it better than THE ONE.
The one is very VIVID and LIT ,so to speak, whereas yours was smoother and more refined and laid back.
PERFECT IMO. The ONe is too forward and lit sounding. I think he was pleasantly surprised and a little envious.
Thanks for the Great Cord!!

Good day Sir, A friend of mine, recently purchased a power cable for me from you off Audiogon.
I must say i was blown away within the first few seconds of initial play.
It bested by 2X my PS Audio AC12!!!! Anyway, I have read a few reviews of your products and am highly interested in finding out if you are able to re-cable my entire system.
All balanced Power and XLR cables. I am tri-amping my system and thus am running 6 amps.  Sleeved in extra thick sleeving
Shipping is a flat $13.95 USPS
Email me with any questions,
All the best,

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