EMT16" broadcast tonearmusedEMT 16" broadcast tonearmEMT 16" broadcast tonearm-425 mm effective lenght-variable tonearm mass lowest distorsion worldwide- Broadcast Tonearm EMT 16" effektive length 425 mm mounting distance 415.7 m...1800.00

EMT 16" broadcast tonearm [Expired]

no longer for sale

EMT 16" broadcast tonearm-425 mm effective lenght-variable tonearm mass

lowest distorsion worldwide-
Broadcast Tonearm
EMT 16"

effektive length  425 mm mounting distance  415.7 mm Overhang  9.5 mm
offset angle  12.7ยบ null points  66/120.8 mm maximum distorsion 0.32 % average distorsion 0.21%
variable tonearm mass with 2 different counter weights

 to make  music lovers enjoy a 16"tonearm, I developed the EMT 16" tonearm

a 16 "tonearm has the highest performance and was previously only made
for broadcast applications. is no longer made today because everything works
digitally in the broadcast studios

the EMT 16" impresses with its classic design, High-quality
precision industrial bearings were installed as vertical bearings. Hermetically
sealed and maintenance-free

This tonearm is characterized by the best EMT material and a perfect arm tube geometry, which guarantee one of the lowest distortions worldwide
for this low price you will never find such a perfect
 broadcast 16" tonearm again

I made my first 16 "tonearm special for my audiophile friend Stefano Pasini in Italy, for his Carrson Project copy the link and past in your browser


Then I made the EMT 16 " tonearm in a limited edition.

from USA a satisfied customer sent me this video with my  EMT 16" Broadcast Tonearm

click here


in all its beauty

with lateral extra weight for heavier Cartridges like Ortofon SPU-G up to 40 grams

CARDAS M-DIN 5 pin connector

screw for Azimuth adjust

SME type connector


the tonearm does not have a fixed effective mass, but is variable due to
its different counter weights and the distance to the pivot point of the

is one of the very rare tonearms with variable mass worlwide.A tonearm
with variable effective mass, which makes it possible to use all
cartridges with low compliance or with high compliance.

effektive mass is variable,because the tonearm has a splitted counter
weight and the position of the counter weight refuses to the pillar
center has an impact on the effective mass calculation

fitted with light weight Cartridge (17 grams included headshell)and
only with the big part of the counter weight-in perfect balance

with this construction you have an enormous range of applications for all Cartridges


Tonearm comes with

screws and washers for mounting collar

and manual

worldwide shipping with tracking and registered post

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