Audiophile RocksHyperspace Supernova White 2m Power cablenewAudiophile Rocks Hyperspace Supernova White 2m Power cableThis is the last ever Hyperspace Supernova Power cable which is the original White model. This is the prettiest looking retail model which was listed for $100,000 on the website. This last cable is...1100.00

Audiophile Rocks Hyperspace Supernova White 2m Power cable [Expired]

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This is the last ever Hyperspace Supernova Power cable which is the original White model. This is the prettiest looking retail model which was listed for $100,000 on the website. This last cable is auctioned out to the highest bidder!

Hyperspace from year 2011 was the first cable I released that beat my four Virtual Dynamics Genesis power cables and the $50,000 Virtual Dynamics Judge I owned before. This is because I use a proprietary blend of crystals around the wiring. For the next 8 years I built hundreds of improved models. The Supernova version is one of the best cables I have ever built which is at least 100 times better than the original Hyperspace. 

**********REVIEW (first Hyperspace version, year 2011)**********

I just got your 4m powercord today. As I mentioned before, my system consists of an MBL 1611 and 1621 DAC/Transport, Shindo Monbrison Pre-amp, modified EAR 890 Amp and Von Schweikert VR4 gen iii HSE speakers. The other Hyperspace cord that I got last month is on loan to a friend, so the new one was the only Hyperspace cord in the whole system. The rest of the powercords and interconnects are currently Audience AU24 e's. 

I hooked the cord up to my MBL dac and was stunned motionless. 

I became paralyzed, sort of a dream paralysis perhaps, unable to move even after the CD ended. The sound was so expansive, there were no walls, every instrument and voice could be clearly followed while at the same time the entire blend of sound was unified into a single flow of music. Even at 90db + volume with a rock beat, the music was so relaxing that I was immediately placed into a trance, unaware of my body or the room around me, just pulled along by the music. 

I know this sounds gushing and overstated, but what it comes down is that I cannot f***ing believe what this powercord does. It makes no rational sense that a single cord could transform the sound in this manner. It is a quantum leap past the limits of what I thought was possible; through the veil and over into another realm, another dimension, where music and sound are experienced more deeply, beyond ordinary perception. 

In the last year, I have used Virtual Dynamic Genesis, ASI Livelines, and Audience AU24 e powercords in my system. Those are all excellent powercords. But there is literally no comparison: the Hyperspace cord exists in a different realm. The difference is not the slightest bit subtle. It takes no effort to hear what the Hyperspace does. In fact, it is not possible to ignore the effect, not possible to ignore the allure, charm, and breath of the music. It isn't a matter of "rediscovering my CD collection." It is a matter of hearing music for the first time. I don't know what I was listening to on my CD's before, but is was skeletal and barren compared to what is emerging and flowing into the room now. I cannot fathom what it will do to add more of your cords, but I am hooked. I feel I could be happy with just this one cord, but I feel compelled to explore deeper into this sort of space. I have been searching for this sort of experience from my stereo for the last 25 years.... who would have guessed that a powercord would be the missing link. 

I am aware that my speakers are a relative weak point in my current system. Prior to coming across the Hyperspace cord, I had been itching to upgrade the speakers. While I know that I will probably eventually do so, I no longer feel any urgency. It is amazing what these speakers, which are 1/10th the the cost of the MBL source components, are able to do when given a pure and clear signal. And it is amazing what this powercord can contribute to the performance of DAC that retails for more than $25k. 

I have bought so many powercords and interconnects based on "critical audition" where I had to listen very carefully to hear what it was doing. Prior to this, every system upgrade, including major component upgrades, have been slight to moderate changes along a continuum. This is a quantum jump of a different sort. Instead of trudging along a continuum of gradual improvements in resolution and musicality, the effect of the Hyperspace is exactly as the name implies - it transports the experience of sound to another realm, a place that is not bound by the limits of three or even four dimensions. I do not know how to describe it more clearly as I have no prior experience to compare it to. 

For example, as much as I love my Shindo Monbrison Pre-amp, the effect of the hyperspace hands down trumps the benefit of the Shindo. If I had to choose, I would trade my Monbrison for a Hyperspace cord without a moments hesitation. The same goes for my MBL DAC and transport. The Hyperspace is not only "that good", it is beyond comparison. 

The effect of the hyperspace is immediate - it literally grabs you by the balls and hold you still until the music is over. Actually, even beyond the end of the music as I find myself continuing in an altered state of mind/body for a while afterwards. I don't know yet how long the effect lasts as my girlfriend, who had been calling me for dinner for the over an hour, had to come grab my arm and pull me out of the chair. 

No one is going to believe any of this unless they take the leap and try it. It is unlike any other upgrade I have ever done -- (I can't wait to take it over to my friend's house and hook it up to his system Berning Qaudature Z amps, Lomichay Kandinsky Speakers ($75k speakers)) - Kot Biehl (USA) 

**********END REVIEW**********

Product information (Hyperspace Supernova 2m)

After beating the competition with our first Hyperspace power cable we released hundreds of improved power cables, most of them very large and expensive. After a new breakthrough in piezoelectricity we were able to make a smaller cable with higher performance than ever before.

This power cable uses our classic Hyperspace design with a 16mm tubing that goes all the way inside the plug which results in greater coverage of our Crystal Formula around the wiring with greater noise rejection and a lower noise floor. Over the years we designed hundreds of improved cables with a thicker coverage of Crystal Formula for extra vibration damping. The tubing was too thick and couldn't fit inside the plug, so we had to use wood to connect the tube and plug together. This extra wood material reduced sound quality but the extra Crystal Formula compensated for it and gave better sound overall. But the negative result was that the cables became too heavy and expensive. Over the years we improved our Crystal Formula to make it smaller and more powerful. After a dozen Crystal Formulas we made a breakthrough with the Supernova Crystal Formula. It's our most powerful formula with the greatest detail, transparency and neutrality. This formula was designed for recording studios who want to squeeze out every bit of detail from the music. We used this Supernova Crystal Formula for our classic Hyperspace design with many improvements done to the cable. Instead of standard copper which we used in the past, we use silver plated copper in air dielectric. This gives a smoother sound with a larger soundstage size, but this wiring alone (like all wiring) doesn't do anything to improve detail. However, when combining this wiring with the Supernova Crystal Formula unbelievable things happen. The enlarged soundstage becomes very detailed with subtle melodies appearing from nowhere. What's truly fantastic is the rear soundstage where you can hear the music behind you, extending further than ever before!

How it's built

When we designed the Hyperspace Supernova we built dozens of cables at once and burned them in before comparing which was best. We made improvements with every batch and tested all combinations until we found the perfect design.

The Hyperspace Supernova power cable has no grounding or shielding which enables the 16mm design to work with the Supernova Crystal Formula. This cable has two conductors inside the cable (live and neutral) which is the perfect design. We built the same cable with three conductors (to include a ground wiring) but this resulted in worse sound because less of the crystals could fit inside the tubing (if you really need grounding, we can custom build a cable for you with the ground wiring hanging on the outside of the cable). When using two conductors it gives the best sound possible.

Tube ending inside plugs

Both conductors are silver plated copper with thin threads around them with teflon tubing on top. This results in gaps around the surface of the conductor so they are mostly resting in air which gives a smooth and pure sound. Normally it works best for low currect DC signal cables (like interconnects), but for high power AC wiring (Alternate Current) the signal moves back and forth which causes the conductors to vibrate, the negative effect is that it results in a weak and hollow sound which is a common problem in high-end audio, but with the Supernova Crystal Formula we have fixed this problem! These crystals press down on the threads touching the conductors which reduces resonances dramatically to bring a lower noise floor with a larger sound where you can hear greater bass quality and more microdetail. When combining both technologies the performance improvements are astounding!

This Supernova Crystal Formula is placed between the outer 16mm tubing and the teflon tubing of the conductors, all the way to the inside of the plugs for maximum filtering performance. The ends of the tubing has white wood to seal the crystals and prevent leaks. We are using a proprietary process with multiple thin layers of white wood and superglue which gives a strong and durable build with the best sound quality.


Around the tubing is white/silver sleeving of the optimal size which was the best match together with the white wood. For the connectors we are using rhodium plated US style plugs with certain modifications done to them to improve durability and bring maximum transparency.

All materials in the cable have been carefully matched together for the best synergy possible where you can get that magical toe tapping rhythm that makes you enjoy music like never before! These materials were chosen to unleash the most amount of detail possible from the music, while giving a silky smooth and dreamy sound that causes you to relax. Normally it's not possible to get both qualities in high-end audio, but with our breakthrough piezoelectric technology we have made it possible! The real beauty is in the Supernova Crystal Formula which has taken 10 years to design. It's truly a work of art which brings maximum transparency and realism to your music collection!

Crystal Formula: Supernova (2019) 
Wiring: 70 microns extruded pure silver surface 7N OFC surface, 16awg solid core 
Insulation material: FEP with threads around conductors (air dielectric) 
Speed: 91% the speed of light 
Connectors: Rhodium plated both ends. US style plug.  
Tube ending seal: White wood  
Sleeving: White/silver  
Grounding: No 
Shielding: No  
Thickness of tubing: 16mm 
Length: 200cm

This precious cable is shipped using a trackable service.

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