Veloce AudioLs-1usedVeloce Audio Ls-1Veloce Veloce LS-1Preamp For Sale (upgraded to the Lithio model) This is a world-class preamp. Harry Pearson (former editor of The Absolute Sound Magazine) about the original Veloce (even befor...3400.00

Veloce Audio Ls-1 [Expired]

no longer for sale

Veloce Veloce LS-1Preamp For Sale (upgraded to the Lithio model) This is a world-class preamp. 

Harry Pearson (former editor of The Absolute Sound Magazine) about the original Veloce (even before the upgrade) "The LS-1 may be the most nearly flawless piece of audio equipment in our present-day reference systems. It is devoid of the sonic signatures and colorations of all the other line stage devices I have ever tested. It is, essentially, the least colored, or, read that as, the most transparent piece of electronic gear in our present-day chain of reference gear.” 
For another take on this superb preamplifier, see:
The LS1 is a two box design with charger and supply separated from the all important main unit by a detachable umbilical cord. The main unit houses all tube circuits and the batteries. All panels on the unit save the top and bottom clamshell are made from stress relieved 6061 aircraft aluminum. The front panel is two piece affair comprised of a chrome front bar and handles mounted to a grained and anodized back plate. Manual switches and a remote control (volume/mute/input select/on-off) make up the user interface. The back panel includes an array or single ended and XLR inputs and outputs.
This unit was the originall model, subsequently upgraded to the Lithio unit some years ago. (This can easily be verified both by examining the tube gain stage which now sports paralleled 6H30 tubes which couldn’t be used in the original model). 
The original price was between $17,000 and $18000. The asking price reflects the fact that the preamp is no longer made, although the designer is evidently still ready to service it. The unit also some signs of use - small scratches, for example - although from the listening seat it certainly looks pristine (7/10 condition). There is an issue with input #3 right channel does not work.


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