HHR Exotic SpeakersTLS-1usedHHR Exotic Speakers TLS-1 Hybrid (Ohm Walsh Ohm F)TLS-1 Hybrid Walsh styled speakers, Ohm F style By HHR Exotic Speakers Approximately 1year old, with less than 200 hrs of playtime, not completely broken in as yet. This is a fully phase and time c...5000.00

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HHR Exotic Speakers TLS-1 Hybrid (Ohm Walsh Ohm F) [Expired]

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TLS-1 Hybrid Walsh styled speakers, Ohm F style
By HHR Exotic Speakers

Approximately 1year old, with less than 200 hrs of playtime, not completely broken in as yet. This is a fully phase and time coherent, 360° radiating, single driver cross-overless "TRUE" full range speaker.
Note: there is a small ding on the front corner of one speaker (more visible in the pictures than in real life).

Due to the size/weight and the complexity of the speakers, I would prefer local pick up. Shipping will require enormous work of packing, crating, shipping and insuring.


Frequency Response     29 to 22,000 Hz
System Resonance          24.5 Hz
Sensitivity           88 to 89 db @ 1 meter, 1 watt input
Driver    12” diameter, 16” high, 2.1 lb. Alnico, V-7 slug, 10.25 lb. magnet, 10,000 gauss (1T)
Impedance (nominal)    6 ohms
Recommended Amplifier             400 watts rms
Max Power         3 seconds: 350 watts
30 seconds: 200 watts
Continuous: 150 watts
Horizontal Dispersion     Full 360 degree sound radiation pattern
Vertical Dispersion          3 db down at 50 degrees off axis @ 20 KHz
Sub Sonic Filter None
Protective Fuse                AGC 4 (Comes with HHR Silver Fuse)
Amplifier Connection     Cardas Gold binding post
Cabinets and Grille          Hand rubbed hard wood veneers
Finished in satin or high gloss tung oil
Grille Black, removable
Dimensions        44” tall with grille, 19.25” by 19.25” at base, tapering to 15” by 15” at top
Weight 150 lbs.
Recommended Room Sizes         200 to 400 sq.ft.
Other Attributes              Floor standing Tower
Fully Time and phase Coherent, no x-over, single driver

Technical description:

Mode of music production -- bending wave technology.

These speakers can reproduce a square and a sine wave, very few speakers on the market can do, if none. The speakers are completely phase and time coherent.  No crossover distortion. The driver is extremely complex, behaves as four different drivers during musical production.   The upper limit of lowest frequency band can be explained by Small/Thiele resonant parameters; in the second frequency band up to the first coincidence frequency, it works as a piston driver. The “first” coincident frequency is emphasized here because that is due to the shape of the diaphragm and the dispersion nature of bending waves, thus the critical frequencies are spread over the entire cone; the third frequency band is a transition band. The piston like radiation is gradually replaced by bending wave radiation. This band is up to the last coincidence frequency of driver; in the last frequency band, it works as a pure bending wave loudspeaker.(1)


Design from the brilliant mind of Lincoln Walsh. During his research, he found that the piston drivers are inevitably flawed and can never demonstrate accurate motion, and therefore devised bending wave radiator as the alternative. To this he added the 360° Radiating pattern. These drivers are extremely complicated and very difficult to build. Ohm speaker company was formed, and they produced a few of the model A designs, which were at that time touted as the world’s best speakers. Due to the complexity of the design, and scarcity of skilled speaker artisans, Ohm got away from these designs.  Its second rebirth can be attributed to Dale Harder, of HHR exotic speakers, who not only revived the Walsh styled design, he made innumerable improvements to the original speakers. All its so call drawbacks have been solved including the power handling capacity. The latest and greatest thought process and the newer materials have been used to make these speakers. They are completely hand built from scratch.

A brief description of the speakers:

Ideal points source design.

One of the finest single driver design speaker ever produced.  Once you hear a fully phase and time coherent musical reproduction with 360° ambient information, there is no going back to regular box speakers.

 The speakers do not push music into your face, rather holographically reproduce the exact recorded event. There is no head in a vise situation here, there is beautiful music over a much wider area. The entire room is energized. More interestingly, if you hear the music from one of the other rooms away from the music room, it appears almost like there is a live event happening, still holographic.  Also the dB drop off seems less than the usual piston driver, as it seems to have a like array like quality.

Here is an interesting point how the music is produced, the music basically boils off the driver at the impedance, at which it matches the air.

I’ve heard speakers of all technology. Only an omnidirectional speaker such as TLS-I hybrid or dipole speakers produce music in the most natural form to my ears. Added to this single driver point, source reproduction makes it a very powerful transducer for music playback. Its accuracy is unsurpassed. It is very appealing to the ear brain when music is played through these speakers. The music is very organic, and a comprehensive whole, rather than breakthrough of frequency from multiple drivers. This driver is completely faithful to the signal, and produces the entire frequency range without exaggerating any particular band.  Highs: crystal clear, ribbon like quality. Plenty of density and resolution.  Mids: seamless transition, absolutely holographic, natural tone.  Bass: no discontinuities, dense, powerful. 

All reasonable offers will be considered. Please no low ballers.

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