NBS Audio CablesOmega II AES /EBU to RCA 1 m DigusedNBS Audio Cables Omega II AES /EBU to RCA 1 m DigOne piece, NBS Omega II AES/ Balanced Digital in a 1 meter &: One piece, NBS Omega II1 meter SPDIF RCA Digital Sold separately each one your choice only $295 each... Two nice...498.00

NBS Audio Cables Omega II AES /EBU to RCA 1 m Dig [Expired]

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One piece, NBS Omega II AES/ Balanced Digital in a 1 meter &:

One piece, NBS Omega II1 meter SPDIF RCA Digital


Sold separately each one your choice only $295 each...


Two nice NBS digital cables regularly $738 now only $249 each. 




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NBS Audio Cables was founded on the simple philosophy that cables should deliver the full resolution of a system.


Noise, in a cable, can and will affect the audio frequency range and interfere with an audio signal. The most common noise, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), affects a cable directly in the audio range. RFI presents itself as hiss, commercial radio broadcasts, intercom broadcasts, or any other radio signal broadcast in the audible range.


Another source of noise is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Whenever electricity, i.e., an audio signal, passes through a wire, it produces inductance that creates an electromagnetic field. Because EMI manifests itself at a high frequency, it is commonly believed not to interfere with the audible range of frequencies. However, all frequencies demonstrate harmonic structures. Even if the cause of EMI is outside the audible range, the upper and lower harmonics of a given frequency often present themselves within the audible range. At the very least, EMI causes degradation of audio frequencies.

Patented technologies create the NBS sound


Every NBS cable employs the circuitry of a Passive Frequency Inductance Network (PFIN) combined with hand-made construction and unconventional use of silver shielding. The higher the line of NBS cable, the more sophisticated the PFIN circuitry becomes. Unique wire-weave patterns and the use of the finest materials available contribute further to the world-renowned NBS Sound.


The RCA connectors employed on our higher lines are manufactured of

gold-plated beryllium copper for greater conductance and specially

plated gold barrel to reject RFI and EMI. The combined result puts the

NBS philosophy into practice by achieving a dramatically lowered noise floor, maximum dynamic range, and the ultimate in information retrieval. The

quality craftsmanship of NBS cables allows us to extend a life-time

warranty to the original owner.


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