Locus DesignAxis USB cable 1 meterusedLocus Design Axis USB cable 1 meterLocus Design Axis USB cable as new in a 1 meter digital cable. See Home page at: Locus Design ...149.00

Locus Design Axis USB cable 1 meter [Expired]

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Locus Design Axis USB cable as new in a 1 meter digital cable.

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Locus Design says:

This is not a reworking of an existing cheap mass produced USB cable, the Axis is a true audiophile grade product, constructed one at a time.



In order to set a new standard of performance, this is an entirely new design, utilizing my custom manufactured DCT-OFC wire. Drawn, tempered, and insulated to my specs’s this wire also boasts as integral part of the manufacturing process is our world renowned CryoFreeze? process, an exclusive to Locus Design/CryoParts.

Close attention is paid to mitigating mechanical noise and triboelectric effects. The core of the Axis USB is a special braid of ultra pure DCt-ofc conductors and Teflon air tubes this precise, reproducable, and expensive computer controlled braid is proprietary and only available from Locus Design. This remarkable geometry is designed to mitigate degradation and interference with/to/of the data and VDC lines of the USB signal.

For the Axis USB, we have have developed a new special shielding comprised of a tinned copper weave and strategic use of ERS fabric. This shielding and damping is designed to isolate the data and VDC lines from any external influence, be it mechanical or electrical. This shielding technique is unique to Locus Design.

Most USB cables are shielded (if they are not, they SHOULD be), however it is very rare indeed to find a USB cable that isolates the data lines from the voltage lines. We pioneered our novel approach of isolating the +/- data lines from the +/- VDC lines with the Axis USB cable.




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