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Tube or solid-state amp? You choose. 

It's an age-old amplifier debate: solid-state vs vacuum tubes. Each type of amp has its own distinct sonic footprint, and it really boils down to personal preference. Some want the clarity and detail that solid-state circuitry provides, while others dig the extra warmth and emotion that are often associated with tubes. And some of us change our mind every time we sit down to listen to music!  

This is one of the few combination headphone amps I've ever seen that lets you choose between using solid-state circuitry or vaccuum tubes. And iFi isn't just adding some sort of fake tube effect or processing. This amp uses two "new, old stock" (NOS) GE 5670 vacuum tubes inside — classic, reliable audio tubes originally developed for the military. 

There are three operation modes in all: "Solid-state”, "Tube”, and "Tube+" modes. The third uses the tube input stage, but special circuitry helps reduce feedback. When you're in a tube type of mood, just let them warm up for about 15 minutes and they'll be ready to play.  

Works well with all types of headphones

The role of an amplifier is not always to deliver the most power, but to provide just the right amount of power for your headphones or speakers to perform their best. You need them to handle large sonic peaks in your favorite songs with effortless grace. The Pro iCAN has a three-position gain switch on the front panel, so you can properly match up the power with your headphone impedance. Also, the two 3.5mm minijack outputs have been optimized for highly sensitive headphones, like in-ear monitors (IEMs). 

PSA: turn it down before you turn it up

Here's a pro tip: always turn the knob to the lowest gain setting and lower the volume when you connect new headphones. That will help prevent this workhorse from overpowering your headphone drivers. Plus it can help protect your ears. 

Built to perform 

This heavy-duty amplifier fits in well with iFi Audio's other high-end desktop components. iFi gear is always well-built and packed with sophisticated circuitry to deliver the sonic goods. The Pro iCAN's all-metal frame and chassis help keep vibrations at a minimum, while the isolation base keeps it sturdy and stable. That solid foundation is created by a "quad-damped" design that sandwiches layers of materials together to absorb unwanted resonance.

The back-panel ins and outs

The back panel of the Pro iCAN features balanced XLR and three sets of unbalanced RCA audio inputs for connecting music sources or other gear. You'll also find ways to pass audio signal out of the Pro iCAN back there. There are unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR outputs for connecting a wide range of power amplifiers, and a proprietary connector for the iFi Pro iESL electrostatic headphone energizer.

Several headphone outputs

The front panel offers several different balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs. In the center, you'll find an XLR 4-pin balanced output. To the left and right of that, there are combination outputs with both XLR 3-pin and 1/4" outputs. They can be used for balanced headphone connections, or to power two headphones with unbalanced 1/4" plugs simultaneously. (Use the right 1/4" jack if you're just listening to a single set of headphones.)

Below, there are two 3.5mm mini outputs for both balanced and unbalanced connections. iFi ensures all the connections sound clean with what they call "S-balanced" headphone amp technology. Their dual-mono circuitry keeps the left and right audio channels separate for as long as possible to avoid cross-talk and distortion.

Product highlights:

  • compact all-metal chassis and panels minimize resonance for clean playback
    • quad-damped isolation base mount provides solid foundation and absorbs vibrations
  • high-performance fully-balanced drive headphone amplifier with front-panel volume control
  • combination solid-state and vacuum tube amplifier
    • includes two "new, old stock" (NOS) GE 5670 vacuum tubes
  • power output up to 14,000mW in balanced mode (up to 4,800mW in unbalanced mode)

Audio performance features:

  • select from three operating modes: "Solid-state”, "Tube”, and "Tube+"
    • Tube+ mode uses tube input stage, but reduces negative feedback
  • three-position gain switch to match impedance (0dB, 9dB, or 18dB)
  • Alps Electric motorized rotary volume dial for precise volume control
  • outboard "iPower Plus" power supply for clean, substantial power
    • separated and shielded from audio circuitry to avoid interference
  • preamp mode with balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs for connection to an outboard power amp or self-amplified speakers
  • "S-balanced" headphone amplification for unbalanced outputs
    • iFi's dual-mono circuitry helps reduce crosstalk between the left and right audio channel
  • sound control processing: XBass (for boosting bass) and/or 3D Holographic (for expanding soundfield)
  • two 3.5mm mini headphone outputs optimized for sensitive headphones (like in-ear monitors) by iFi's proprietary iEMatch technology

Back-panel inputs:

  • one set of balanced stereo XLR inputs
  • three sets of unbalanced stereo RCA inputs

Back-panel outputs:

  • one set of balanced stereo XLR audio outputs
  • one set of unbalanced stereo RCA audio outputs
  • DC power loop out and proprietary connector for add-on iFi Pro iESL electrostatic headphone energizer (sold separately)

Front-panel headphones outputs:

  • one set of combination XLR/TRS 1/4" outputs
    • balanced left and right XLR 3-pin outputs
    • pair of 1/4" outputs for two unbalanced headphone connections, or a single balanced connection (using a custom cable)
    • use the right 1/4" jack for a single set of headphones
  • one balanced XLR 4-pin output
  • one unbalanced TRS 3.5mm output
  • one balanced TRRS 3.5mm output

Other info + specs:

  • compatible with headphones with 16-600 ohms impedance
  • frequency response: 0.5-500,000 Hz (-3 dB)
  • solid-state THD: 0.0015% (balanced) 0.005% (unbalanced)
  • tube THD: 0.002% (balanced) 0.005% (unbalanced)
  • signal-to-noise ratio: >147dB (balanced) >137dB (unbalanced)
  • 7-5/8" W x 2-1/2" H x 8-1/2" D
  • weight: 4.3 lbs.


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