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Unison Research Max Mini Speakers [Expired]

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For sale, a pair of Unison Research Max Mini bookshelf speakers, in like new condition, functioning perfectly and sounding great! If you're looking for high efficiency (93db) bookshelf speakers these might be for you. Finished in high gloss Walnut, these speakers both sound excellent and look beautiful.

Sound Footprint
The Max Mini projects a large soundstage with a forward sound footprint presenting well outside the speaker. Excellent transparency, dynamics and mid range presence. Solid tight bass and sparkling high end. They may be a bookshelf, but they play MUCH bigger than the average bookshelf. I tried them on multiple types of music and can attest to their versatility.

Fit 'n Finish
The speakers are beautiful. The high gloss walnut finish with leather trim and fascia provide a highly attractive look, with good WAF. The speaker binding posts are large and solid, and will accommodate heavy gauge bare wire, spades or banana connections. The facia and bottom are finished in attractive dark grey / black leather for a touch of Italian style. The front grille is removable and acoustically transparent, having no affect upon the sound on or off. The cabinets and drivers are sparking clean with only about 65 hours playing time on them.

Fit to Purpose
The Max Mini were designed for tube power amps but for listening flexibility, a switch is provided to equalize the speaker for Solid State or Tubes. They can be placed close to the wall as they are front ported; and in fact, doing that, added a nice bit of additional bass presence, without introducing any bass boom.

I graded the speakers as 9, but they present like "just out of the box". If not for some small indentations in the leather on the bottom (not visible) from the stand (see second last pic), I would have classified them as a 10. The high gloss cabinets are flawless, the grills perfect, the drivers shine like new. This is essentially a new speaker.

Reason for Selling
I bought this speaker just to try it. I have long had an urge to buy the Unison Research Max 2 speakers but they are too big for my house and too expensive for my wallet; so buying the Max Mini was a way to scratch that audio itch. People who know me will tell you that I test drive audio equipment the way some people test drive cars. Audition completed, I have no where to use them, so they are ready for a new home.

Payment preferred by PayPal.

Shipping will be by courier; at the buyers expense. The manufacturers shipping container is solid cardboard, with internal foam around the speaker tops and bottoms. I have augmented this with 1/4" plywood around the outside of all edges to provide "throw it off the train" shipping security. A bit more weight but a LOT less worry.

Review Quotes
"Max Mini delivers bass performance that is ultra deep and loud as well as a clear and precise mid-range and incredibly high-quality treble"

"This bookshelf speaker is easy to position for optimal sound performance in your listening room."


System: Bookshelf - front firing bass reflex
Loudspeakers: 1 x 8” woofer, 1 x 1” compression driver with titanium diaphragm
Numbers of ways: 2 way
Frequency Response: 40-20000 Hz
Crossover: Woofer low-pass 12dB/octave, Tweeter high-pass 12dB/octave, Crossover Frequency: 1 - 1.5 KHz
Power: 100 watt RMS
Sensitivity: 93dB @ 2.83Vrms/1 metre
Nominal impedance: 8 ohm (6 ohm min.)
Size: H 49.5cm x W 28.5cm x D 36cm
Weight: 15kg each
Color lacquered: Walnut

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