Synergistic ResearchBLUE UEF DuplexnewSynergistic Research BLUE UEF Duplex - big improvement for your systemThe Blues never sounded so good.The BLUE duplex is a big step up even from the Black UEF duplex. Key features are: proprietary conductor conditioning process, quantum treatment, new UEF/Graphene co...225.00

Synergistic Research BLUE UEF Duplex - big improvement for your system [Expired]

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The Blues never sounded so good.

The BLUE duplex is a big step up even from the Black UEF duplex. Key features are: proprietary conductor conditioning process, quantum treatment, new UEF/Graphene coating, new BLUE fuse conditioning process and more. The global MSRP is $225.

Conditioned with a proprietary treatment that alters the conductor at the crystal structure and then treated with 1,000,000 volts of electricity which alters the conductor at the molecular level, the Synergistic Research BLUE duplex is truly state-of-the-art. Materials include UEF Coatings and Graphene with 8 times the conductive density of copper. Synergistic Research’s brand new BLUE UEF duplex will revolutionize the way you plug in and tune out!

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Cutomer feedback:
"...having owned and used a Synergistic Red Outlet for about 6 years I skipped the “Black” generation and ordered the Blue. It is light years more advanced than the Red. All the usual expectations met of better soundstage, more bottom end, etc. What was unexpected is the naturalness of the sound and the reduction of perceived distortion. Expensive yes. But this is an expensive hobby and this outlet yields s big improvement in sound for low dollars. About two weeks of break-in required for optimal performance..."

"...all I can say is Wow! I installed a SR Quantum blue fuse in my amp and really liked it, but a few days later I installed the SR Blue Duplex Outlet and holy cow! It just made things sound so much better! It replaced a Hubbell Hospital Grade Outlet that is very popular among audiophiles but it cannot compare to the SR. I’m really happy. Many thanks to an out-of-state friend who urged me to try one..."

"...installed this outlet about a month ago very impressed with the sound just like the blue fuse it adds clarity and a bigger sense of space to the music. Even the bass is tighter with a better grip to the notes. You can hear it right off the bat. highly recommend . another great product from Ted Denny at SR..."

"’s been about 30 days since first experience. My old upgraded PS 500 (which has a blue fuse from last year) has been plugged into this blue wall duplex has really taken shape. Harshness at first but now has mellowed out in system. All my components are plugged into PS500 except Comcast box. All sounded great before but now all components have shook hands well to bring surround sound to a perfect balance. Backs Sub now much more balanced w/ non-boomy sub bass (not that it was) then I could believe. More soundstage, perfect bass notes at less volume in stereo mode.Overall this blue duplex does what it is supposed to do. I’m done experimenting for now..."

"...the Synergistic Blue UEF Duplex receptacle is a worthy addition to one’s system. Delivering a wide and deep soundstage with a natural timbre to instruments and voices localized in their own space. This is experienced in digital sources as well as with vinyl! One must however, not be impatient waiting for this puppy to break-in! Critical listening evaluations should NOT begin until AFTER at least 250-300 hours! But what great rewards are delivered to those who waited patiently!"

Reviews for the predecessor - the Black UEF duplex:

Rick Becker of Enjoy the Music concluded (Nov. 2016): "...if after trying the fuses and outlet you are impressed, you will be poised to spend large for cables and a PowerCell. That’s where the fun really begins. The pain of doing so will be greatly reduced by the Black Fuses having doubled the apparent value of your phono stage, preamp and amplifier. While many will think of fuses as a tweak, to my mind, the Black Fuse has become an essential component. Reviewing these two products has been a ride (and the road goes on forever) so the Black Fuses and the UEF Black Duplex outlet are staying right here in my armory... even if you have laid out the $600,000 for the system I heard, I’d place a gentlemen’s bet that you’d love it even more with Black Fuses and the UEF Black Duplex outlets in the wall. It’s the least expensive way I know to give your system a qualitative upgrade of such magnitude..."

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