Clayton AudioS-100 Special EditionusedClayton Audio S-100 Special EditionFor sale a Clayton Audio S-100 SE (Special Edition) 100 watt / channel, Class A amplifier in good cosmetic and operating condition. Blue Book Average selling price for this amp is $4200; so I feel ...3500.00

Clayton Audio S-100 Special Edition [Expired]

no longer for sale

For sale a Clayton Audio S-100 SE (Special Edition) 100 watt / channel, Class A amplifier in good cosmetic and operating condition. Blue Book Average selling price for this amp is $4200; so I feel it’s well priced, especially considering this is the Special Edition version (see below).

Clayton Audio is dedicated to producing reference quality Class A amplifiers. All Clayton amplifiers use precision matched Motorola semiconductors of the highest specification.

The S-100 Special Edition is built with two - 1KVA power transformers (compared to a single 1 KVA for the regular S-100). It has 200,000MFD of supply capacitance and separate amplifiers for right and left channels. The amp increases output to 160 watts into 4 ohms; and increases further down to 1 ohm with complete stability.

Sound Footprint

I have never heard an amp with as much body, bass presence and dynamic slam as this Clayton. Mid range horns, voices are rich and resonant; high end is silky and nuanced. The soundstage is equally impressive – instrument placement, separation and depth are all excellent; and WOW when I turned it up, the sound stage grew in height as well. Class A is reputed to be tube like – this Class A amp is not tube like: its musical first and foremost; but unlike many tube amps, inner detail is excellent; bass grip is astounding, note edges are clearly presented and decaying notes hang in the air for a long duration. 

All said, just a great amp, well deserving of all its positive reviews.

Fit and Finish

The amp produces 100 watts in Class A but comes with a switch to reduce the bias to 50 watts in class A; to save some current for those with efficient speakers. The amp comes with single ended, RCA connectors; large speaker binding posts capable of taking bananas, spades or bare wire. Clayton amps are not only famous for their sound, but also their stability with delayed soft start up; protection circuits. The heat sinks on top get hot during operation, as designed, but not burn your hand hot. 4 footers are provided on the back – these are not for standing the amp on, but are intended to protect cables from being bent if the amp is backed close to the wall. It’s this kind of attention to detail that gives you confidence in the design and care that go into this hand made in America amp.


The amp is strikingly attractive; and presents clean, with a simple front with two LEDs and grilled heat sinks on top. Cosmetics are good, as illustrated in the attached pictures and in person. I rated it as a conservative 7, due to a surface mark on the back left side. Not a scratch, more a scuff and not visible unless you’re looking for it. It has a couple small marks on two edges and one on the back but nothing that detracts from its attractive appearance.

Reason for Selling

I bought this amp just to try it, because a friend was raving about his new Clayton so I had to give it a whirl when one came up for sale. People who know me will tell you that I test drive audio equipment the way some people test drive cars. Audition completed. I have nowhere to use it as my reference system is already set; so it’s ready to go to a new home.

Payment & Shipping

Payment preferred by PayPal. Shipping will be by courier; at the buyer’s expense. The manufacturer’s shipping container is solid double boxed cardboard. This has been augmented with dense blue foam protection around all sides to provide "throw it off the train" shipping security.  

Positive Review Quotes of Clayton Amps

“The character of this amp is unlike anything I have ever heard in this price range, it emulates the smooth organic sound of tubes while maintaining the firm grip on bass and seemingly infinite power reserves of the best quality solid-state amps. It is an uber amp, but with soul, not the brute force pedal-to-the-medal feel that you sometimes get from high-powered solid-state.”  Enjoy the Music

" Going from one recording to another, my honest impressions were that I never heard a finer power amplifier - not at any time, not at any price. And you may recall I had the DartZeel amp. in the Big Rig before Stereophile did. And while the DartZeel sounded very good, and I liked it, it didn't do to me the things the S-100 did. The S-100 has a transparency it alone possesses.” Bound for Sound

" The Clayton is objectively the most nearly perfect solid-state power amp. we've ever heard. Period. The Clayton sounds at least twice as good as the Levinson and Krell amps in virtually every important sonic aspect." International Audio Review
" Of all the amplifiers I have reviewed, If I had to pick one to live with today, the Claytons would be it, hands down". Positive Feedback


Rated power output :100 Watts continuous rms into 8 ohms in Class A; 160 Watts continuous rms into 4 ohms in Class A

Voltage gain: 26 db

Input Impedance: 47K

Power Consumption: 400 Watts

Special Edition Power Transformer: 2000VA (2KVA)

Capacitance: 200,000 uf (MFD)

Dimensions 11” W by 20” D by 11.50” H

Weight: 75 lbs. each.

Heat sink capacity: 0.13 degrees C/Watt

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