Thorens PristedgeusedThorens  PristedgeThorens Pristedge Turntable -Work and good condition -with SME 3012 tonearm (original cable)and FR 64s (no cable) -33/45/72 speed correct She is more than 30 years old, got some f...20000.00

Thorens Pristedge [Expired]

no longer for sale

Thorens Pristedge Turntable 
-Work and good condition
 -with SME 3012 tonearm (original cable)and FR 64s (no cable) 
 -33/45/72 speed correct  
 She is more than 30 years old, got some fading and metal aging spots on the golden plated parts. She is 100% ORIGINAL, not reproduced products.  This turntable contains 4 armboards, SME V, SME 3012, FR64 and Grado Signature. 
About packing, we will do our best to pack them well in 2 individual boxes. It's over 60kg. 

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