GamuT AudioDi150 Limited EditionusedGamuT Audio Di150 Limited EditionFor sale: a Gamut Di150 LE (Limited Edition) solid-state integrated amp, in excellent cosmetic and operating condition. Purchased new in 2016 and only played with top-rated audio components and p...6350.00

GamuT Audio Di150 Limited Edition [Expired]

no longer for sale

  For sale: a Gamut Di150 LE (Limited Edition) solid-state integrated amp, in excellent cosmetic and operating condition. Purchased new in 2016 and only played with top-rated audio components and power conditioning.

I’m selling the amp for a friend, who is too busy to attend to a sale. I had the opportunity to extensively audition the amp prior to listing it; so I can represent it well, based on my personal listening experience AND enjoyment.

Fit to Purpose

The Di 150LE is a high current amp with the power to drive pretty much any speaker, with a wonderful transparent to source sound. With 1000 VA in the transformers and 200,000uf of total capacitance it produces 180 watts per channel into 8 ohms; doubles to 360 watts into 4 ohms; and 700 into 2 ohms.  It runs in Class A for the first 14 watts. It has a true dual mono design, integrated only at the incoming power and the volume pot; and operates close to mono-block amplification with respect to channel separation, imagining and crosstalk elimination.

The LE (Limited Edition) differs from the stock Di150 in that it has upgraded power supply parts, and increased power capacitance. The preamp section deploys parts from the Gamut award-winning DI3 preamplifier to bring the sound up to another level.

The preamp  accommodates 2 balanced (XLR) inputs and 4 RCA inputs. It has a preamp bypass to integrate the power amp section with a home theater system or a second preamp (I tried this with great results). The speaker connections accept banana, spades and heavy gauge bare wire. Pre-out and tape-out are provided for additional flexibility.

The heavy aluminum casing and heat sinks on the side, permit excellent heat dissipation; so the amp runs warm but not hot.

Full function remote control – ergonomic in the hand and easy to operate.


Sound Footprint

While auditioning this amp, I coined an expression for it: Liquid PRAT: Liquid because the music flows effortlessly, Pace for its incredible grip, Rhythm because it’s impossible not to have your toe tapping along with the music and Timing for its leading edge note  presentation. Truly remarkable what this amp does. The Gamut is neutral; it amplifies the signal and gets out of the way (I know it’s an old worn expression but it’s true in this case).

The Gamut’s bass is full, fast; and has the best grip I have ever heard. The mid-range is resonant and natural! For illustration, while listening to a solo piano piece, the amp presented the leading edge of the notes with such resonance you could hear the hammer hitting the string and the extended note decay. On violin, you can hear the bow reverberating on the string. On guitar, 2nd and 3rd harmonics. On saxophone, reed vibration and rich brassy tone. The high end is pristine and sparkling. Unlike other amps with high PRAT, none of the Gamut’s presentation is bright – it is natural and true to the input signal and recording.

The soundstage is broad, wide and deep, presenting well outside the speaker to fill the room. Along with the aforementioned grip, it should be no surprise the amp does a superior job of instrument separation and placement.


The amp is in immaculate condition as shown in the pictures. There is one very slight dull mark on the front facia (circled in one photo). With the highly reflective facia surface this does not show unless you are looking for it (It took me 6 pictures to catch it in the right light to illustrate it). This amp not only sounds great – it looks great. The volume level and inputs are illuminated with blue lighting, which combined with the reflective facia, presents a lovely blue glow in darkened room conditions (dimmable on the remote).

Payment and Shipping

Payment preferred by PayPal. Shipping will be by courier; at the buyer’s expense.  The amp ships in its original wooden crate, augmented with extra protection, for “throw it off the train” shipping security.


Rave Reviews

- Can’t post links in the ad but please google reviews in Stereophile, Enjoy the Music and Tone Audio, Audiophilia; and others


Solid-state, class-AB, integrated amplifier.

Analog inputs: 2 balanced (XLR), 4 unbalanced (RCA).

Amplifier outputs: 1 balanced (XLR), 1 unbalanced (RCA), 1 tape (RCA), 1 speaker.

Power output: 180Wpc into 8 ohms (22.55dBW), 360Wpc into 4 ohms (22.55dBW, 700Wpc into 2 ohms (22.4dBW).

Frequency response: 10Hz–50kHz, ±0.1dB.

Distortion: 1kHz, >0.05% (mainly second harmonic).

Signal/noise: >100dB,

A-weighted. Input impedance: 20k ohms unbalanced, 40k ohms balanced.

Line output impedance: 75 ohms unbalanced, 150 ohms balanced.

Power consumption 1000VA.

Dimensions: 16.93" (430mm) W by 6.22" (158mm) H by 17.32" (440mm) D.


Weight: 59.4 lbs (27kg) net, 70 lbs (31kg) shipping.

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