WilsonWhowusedWilson WhowWilson WHOW subwoofer. PERFECT for a set of WATT/Puppies. Was $16,000 new: Now $2,500, plus shipping recommended via YRC freight from Eagle Grove, Iowa 50533. $2,300 if you pick it up yourself so...2500.00

Wilson Whow

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Wilson WHOW subwoofer. PERFECT for a set of WATT/Puppies. 

Was $16,000 new: Now $2,500, plus shipping recommended via YRC freight from Eagle Grove, Iowa 50533. 

$2,300 if you pick it up yourself so I do not have to palletize and pack it! 

SHIPPING NOTE: You will pay ACTUAL shipping costs. I put $1000 in there for shipping but actual shipping will be less in the continental US, and I will refund you the actual amount and provide you with a copy of the receipt. Shipping costs via freight vary on the time of shipping and the destination. 

Note: the original crossover is not included. Nobody wants to use it because the new ones are better.  

  Granite top in perfect shape. Speaker is in gloss black, with light scratches visible upon inspection. For daily use, it looks like a 9/10 score to me, but I would rather sell it as 8/10 so that nobody is disappointed due to subjectivity.    The woofer is in great shape!    I am selling because I got some Wilson MAXX speakers and this sub is just overkill for my small room with those big speakers.    It will ship on a pallet. I will wrap it in a blanket, and strap it down to the pallet, or I’m happy to help you load it up if you want to pick it up yourself in Northcentral lowa and I will knock another $200 off of the price. : )    
 From Wilson Audio:  "Sheryl Lee discussed with Dave the idea of re-configuring the WAMM Subwoofer into a lower-profile version. As the discussion progressed, Sheryl Lee offered the concept of the subwoofer as a large coffee or cocktail table. The idea gained traction and Dave immediately began design work. It was inevitable, then, that Wilson Audio’s coffee-table subwoofer became the WHOW (pronounced “wow”) for Wilson High-Output Woofer."

A PDF of the owner’s manual is available at Wilson’s website. 

This is not the Pow-WHOW. It is the unpowered sub that won Best Sound of Show at the Stereophile show in 1995, back when everyone hated subwoofers. It won the popular vote competing against all of the big floorstanding speakers. So, it can integrate well. 

Because it has an efficiency of 99 db, its easy to drive as long as the amp has a very large damping factor and big power supply. 

Photos: Please note that when you view the subwoofer in normal lighting, it the scratches are very difficult to find. I used a flash on my camera to make them easier for you to see. 

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