Soulution711 Stereo AmplifierusedSoulution 711SAVE OVER $36,000 OFF ON THIS CURRENT VERSION STEREO AMPOK, music lovers here you go ... you want the best stereo amp for your money - here it is a one owner unit, only 4 years old, mint and at an ...31000.00

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Soulution 711 [Expired]

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OK, music lovers here you go ... you want the best stereo amp for your money - here it is a one owner unit, only 4 years old, mint and at an incredible price for a top tier ultra high end amp...  at over $36,000 OFF RETAIL. 

The new Soulution 711 significantly out­per­forms its prede­cessor in all disciplines! The new “switched mode” power supply technology brings the Soulution 711 to new level of per­formance. Improve­ments on the test bench get confirmed by the performance in the listening room. Words alone cannot convey the per­for­mance and sheer acoustic presence of the Soulution 711 stereo­ amplifier. 

Key Features:  1) Audio grade “Switched Mode” power supply (4 × 600 VA ) 2) More than 1,000,000 µFarad storage capacity in the power supply unit 3) Peak current rating of more than 120 Ampere 4) Impulse power rating > 6’000 Watt.

The 711 can provide up to 300 Watt continuous power into 4 Ω and more than 6,000 Watt transient power per channel.

The Soulution 711 is an extraordinary power amplifier. It is tonally dead neutral, exerts complete control over the loudspeakers connected to it, and is utterly quiet mechanically and electrically. As I wonder what else I might say about the 711, I struggle to come up with much more than this: The Soulution 711 is everything you expect in a $65,000 power amplifier, and it’s everything and anything you need from any amp at any price. Its excellent Swiss build quality is exceeded only by its nigh-on perfect sound. I have no criticisms. This machine is awesome!

The measured results of Soulution’s ingenious, high-speed, high-local-feedback circuit were phenomenal. In the 710 stereo amp, for example, THD was well below 0.0006%, signal-to-noise ratio well above 108dB, channel separation an astounding 86dB, damping factor greater than 10,0000, slew rate 330V/ns, while power bandwidth went from DC to 1MHz. (The monoblock amps measured substantially better!)

The sonic results were just as astounding. Suddenly you could hear…everything, and hear it with unprecedented clarity, speed, and neutrality. I will never forget my first listen to the Soulution 710 stereo amplifier.

Due to the nature of the item, meeting up for delivery is an option. Payment via PayPal on this item, shipping in the Cont USA  at an estimated cost of $500.00 with insurance, all sales final. Pick up is an option. PayPal is an option, but something that needs to be discussed. Until will be packaged in a special large freight continuer. 

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