NakamichiDragonusedNakamichi DragonNakamichi Dragon Serviced Top Condition. High-end cassette tape deck "Nakamichi Dragon". The device is an absolute collector’s item and near mint condition. The device has ...4000.00

Nakamichi Dragon [Expired]

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Nakamichi Dragon Serviced Top Condition. 


High-end cassette tape deck "Nakamichi Dragon".


The device is an absolute collector’s item and near mint condition.


The device has been totally refurbished by  one of the best Nakamichi’s specialist in France and in Europe. Audio Retro uses all the specifics Nakamichi tools which are required to fix and service the tape deck.



The following work was carried out some weeks ago:


* All the power supply capacitors have been replaced.

* Device disassembled

* Cleaning with compressed air

* Drive removed and completely disassembled

* Removed resinified fats

* All axles, bearings and guides cleaned, oiled and re-greased with professional lubricants

* Servo drive belt KRO385A renewed

* Pressure roller swivel arms dismantled, repaired and readjusted

* Idler revised

* Intermediate gear clutch repaired

* all tape-guiding components cleaned, demagnetized and adjusted

* Switches and potentiometers cleaned and preserved

* Left channel potentiometer replaced

* The device has been completely re-measured with special Nakamichi equipment

* Extensive tests of playback and recording


General Informations


Manufacturer: Nakamichi

Model: Dragon

Type: Cassette Tape Deck

Years of construction: 1983 -1993

Made in: Japan

Color: Black

Power consumption: 45 watts

Dimensions:450 x 135 x 300 mm(WxHxD)

Weight: 9.5kg

Price new: 4150 DM (Deutsche Mark)


Number of inputs: Line 50 mV /50 KOhm,  Remote

Number of outputs: Line 1 V /2.2 KOhm, DC output, Headphones (6.3mm jack)

Technical specifications

Tape heads: 3 (PA-1L, R-8L,E-8L)

Motors: 5

Wow and flutter: ± 0.019%(WRMS), ± 0.04% (DIN)

Belt types: Type I / II / IV

Frequency response: 20-22,000Hz (± 3 dB)

Total harmonic distortion:<0.8%

Signal-to-noise ratio:>66/74 dB Dolby B / C

Auto reverse: yes, playbackonly

Dolby: B / C

MPX filter: yes, switchable

Fader: yes


Special equipment

Posterior ligament control

Automatic playback azimuthcontrol "NAAC"

Double capstan with doubledirect drive

Bias / level calibration withtest tone generator, each channel separatedfor all types of tape

LED level display with 2 x 20segments

Automatic fade in and out (2 speeds)

Subsonic filter, switchable

Adjustable output level

Gold-platedinputs and outputs


The Dragon has been totally refurbished and service by Audio Retro in Cajarc (France).


Don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

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