Classic Records 50 pcs Sealed Test PressingsusedClassic Records  50 pcs Sealed Test Pressings “SOLD”CLASSIC RECORDS TEST PRESSING Hello, I was a sales rep for classic records. These test pressing came from Michael Hobson’s personal collection. There are 50 sealed records, Rock, J...1.00

Classic Records 50 pcs Sealed Test Pressings “SOLD” [Expired]

no longer for sale

Hello,  I was a sales rep for classic records. 
These test pressing came from Michael Hobson’s personal collection. 
 There are 50 sealed records, Rock, Jazz & Classical.
 I will not split this collection up.
 Popsike value on these records is over $6500 I will sell the whole collection for $4500 
 View pics for individual titles  
 Thanks for looking. 
 Eight zero five 444 sixty one thirty for questions  
For sale is an extremely rare (fewer than 20 ever made) and out-of-print, LP TEST PRESSING  two one-sided 33rpm set (180 grams) from the audiophile reissue label: CLASSIC RECORDS. These test pressings come from Mike Hobson’s personal collection and have been stored with great care. Part of the Classic Records RCA reissue series.

Condition:  Still sealed test pressing. White jacket with info stamped on top right hand corner of jacket.

Record Notes: These albums were re-mastered by Bernie Grundman from the original master tapes for the ultimate sound quality experience. Exceptional sounding reissue.

***Test pressings have no cover art***


Classic Records operated from 1994 until 2011. These test pressings are highly collectible and extremely rare. All Classic Records reissues were re-mastered using the original master tapes. Classic Records test pressings are from the first stamper and fewer than 20 exist of each recording. Test Pressings are the closest you can get to the source (save the master tape and lacquers). Each and every Classic Records test pressings in our inventory was pressed at RTI onto high quality, heavy vinyl.


All test pressings marked as sealed are FACTORY SEALED and are unopened pressings. They are in generic white record jackets with the pressing information stamped on the front of the jacket. All test pressings that are used (opened) and stored in a new, generic white jacket with a center-hole allowing the LP label to show through with the pressing information.

These Classic Records reissues are long, out-of-print LPs that continue to increase in value as time goes by. These reissues are considered by many audiophiles to be the best sounding reissues of these legendary recordings. We have an inventory containing hundreds of test pressings from Classic Records.