McIntoshC1000C SystemusedMcIntosh C1000C Complete Dual Preamplifier System with Controller / PSCan't decide between a tube or solid-state preamp? Why not both! Imagine being able to listen to certain music with a smooth tube preamp and other music with a more dynamic, solid stage front-end...22000.00

McIntosh C1000C Complete Dual Preamplifier System with Controller / PS [Expired]

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Can't decide between a tube or solid-state preamp?  Why not both!  Imagine being able to listen to certain music with a smooth tube preamp and other music with a more dynamic, solid stage front-end.  With McIntosh's C1000, not only do you get 2 fully balanced, 18 source, dual phono-stage preamplifiers, but an amazing outboard power supply / system controller the seamlessly integrates both units. 

The C1000 is built like no other McIntosh equipment we've ever seen.  The entire chassis is machined aluminum and even the top cover is 1/4" thick aluminum with a deep routed logo inlaid in gold lettering.  Each piece oozes ultra-hi end.   Wait until you hit the power button and this stack light up and comes to life!  Its absolutely beautiful.

You've probably got some questions, so here's a few answers.

What if I have one source and want to feed both preamps?  No problem.  The included umbilical supports signal sharing so any input on either preamp is shared with the other.  Single ended (RCA) inputs are also upconverted to balanced (XLR)!

How do I connect my amp to 2 preamps?  Mac's balanced amps have 2 inputs so it just a matter of having 2 sets of output cables, one from each preamp.  Mac also makes a combiner module for any amps with a single input.  Or, you can simply run 2 amps for 2 different systems, or even a different amp per preamp for a completely taylored sound.

There are a ton of features that will make you smile.  We love the mute function.  Hit it once and the sound stops.  Hit it again, and the audio slowly ramps back to the level it was at.  Its just luxurious in every way.

Check out this list of features:


  • Dual mono topologies with over 130db of separation
  • All balanced outputs are active, allowing for tri-amplification
  • Digitally attenuated volume control with 214 steps of gain (.5 db each)
  • Active volume attenuation provides smooth ramping without artifacts
  • Electromagnetic source switching
  • Precision switch controls inside inert gas-filled tubes for ultra-silent operation
  • MM and MC Phono stage in EACH preamp - support dual turntables in a single system
  • Both MM and MC have adjustable resistance / capacitance - Adjustable VIA Remote control
  • Programmable operation and control of sources through the controller.
  • The C1000 controller can operate with either preamplifier or both simultaneously
  • Source sharing
  • Unbalanced upconversion to balanced output
  • Unified system remote control (All metal)
  • Headphone jack on each preamp
  • Green LED lit tubes
  • Each preamp has output level VU meters.


  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE - 10Hz to 40kHz
  • THD - 0.002%
  • RATED OUTPUT - 5V RMS Balanced, 2.5V Unbalanced
  • MAXIMUM OUTPUT VOLTAGE - 25V Balanced , 12V Unbalanced
  • INPUT IMPEDANCE - 22k Ohms
  • PHONO INPUT - (MM) 47k Ohms, 50 - 750pF in 50pF steps
  • PHONO INPUT - (MC) 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 or 1000 Ohms, 100pF
  • SENSITIVITY - 450 mV
  • SIGNAL TO NOISE - 100dB, 88dB Phono
  • GAIN - 60db (MC), 45dB (MM), 15dB Main out
  • DIMENSIONS (Each component) - (LxWxH) 24" x 17.5" x 6
  • WEIGHT: 30 Lbs (Controller), 53.6 Lbs (Tube preamp), 54 Lbs (Solid State Preamp) 


  • C1000 Controller
  • C1000P Tube preamplifier
  • C1000P Solid State preamplifier
  • Umbilical cables
  • system remote control
  • Original Manual
  • Original power cord (10 AWG)
  • All original McIntosh double boxes

CONDITION - This set came from a Mac collector and as far as we can tell its new.  The boxes are open, but he never got around to actually hooking them up.  They were in the original bags with velvet covers.  We could find no scratches, dings or scuffs any any component including the heavy metal remote control.  No smoke or pets so these units even smell new.

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