StenheimAlumine Two usedStenheim Alumine TwoBUY FROM an OFFICIAL & TRUSTED STENHEIM DEALER in the USA. This is a shop demo in perfect condition with full manufactures warranty. Shipping is free in USA. The Sound Anchor stands are $2...7995.00

Stenheim Alumine Two [Expired]

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BUY FROM an OFFICIAL & TRUSTED STENHEIM DEALER in the USA. This is a shop demo in perfect condition with full manufactures warranty.   Shipping is free in USA. 
The Sound Anchor stands are $2,000
I'm happy to order the Stenheim stands if interested with 10% off with purchase of speakers. 

Alumine STAND; Stands for Alumine TWO, anthracite powder coating, Massive machined aluminum $2,750

Alumine STAND basic; Basic Stands for Alumine TWO, anthracite powder coating steel $1,500

   Thank you, Mike
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The Alumine Two represents a substantial deviation from conventional speaker design.

With high efficiency, the Alumine permits the use of high quality but lower powered amplifiers. Unparalleled speed combined with beautiful and rich tone elevates Stenheim from all too common audiophile fireworks and overhyped, but ultimately fatiguing designs.

With the ability to customize the finish with endless possibilities, aesthetic sentiments are addressed. With no exposed fasteners or screws, our watch industry team has created a fluid and stunning achievement in contemporary speaker design.

In an age of obsessive consumerism and product choice, Stenheim believes in pride of ownership and longevity. And while the Alumine manifests this philosophy, it is truly inspired by the passion and love for music.

Technical Specifications

  • Passive 2 ways with front Bass Reflex Design 10 to 15 mm thick all aluminium construction

  • Frequency response : 45Hz – 30kHz

  • Power handling : 100W IEC, 200 W (peak)

  • Recommended amplifier from 10W to 200W

  • Sensivity : 93 dB SPL/2.83V/1m (measured in a semi-reverberant room)

  • SPL max : 109 dB

  • Nominal impedance : 8 Ohms

  • Dimensions : H 330mm x W 230mm x D 275mm

    ( H 13in x W 9in x D 11in)

  • Weight : 17 Kg each

  • Woofer: One 16.51 cm (6.5in) High-strength cellulose fiber cone impregnated and coated on both sides with damped resins

  • Tweeter : One 2.54cm (1in) Fabric dome, loaded by a small horn machined in the 15 mm aluminium front plate

  • Air core inductors, Polypropylene capacitors, Metal film resistors

  • Special finitions on demand : Light shiny Grey, Dark shiny grey, Full Black, Wood veneer or Leather veneer

  • Special Edition SE with ultimate components (crossover, internal wiring and connectors)

  • Warranty : 5 years

    Press reviews


    The all-aluminum enclosure is beautiful to behold, and the level of execution is terrific. If the concept, and all the benefits that come with a high-performance two-way monitor appeal to you, Stenheim’s Alumine 2 speakers are fantastic. They offer excellent sound, meticulous execution, and a density of thought approached by very few similarly priced speakers. Highly recommended."

    Tone Audio Magazine, Jeff Dorgay, July 2021



    “In my return to the exciting world of the two-way monitor, I found that the Stenheim Alumine 2s set the bar preternaturally high. I’ve listened to a lot of speakers over the last couple of years that I could buy and enjoy for the rest of my life. But the Stenheims go deeper than that. Not only do they provide sublime sound, but they resonate with my life as an audiophile. They capture all of the qualities I’ve pursued over the last 40 years, and I highly recommend them.”

    Part time audiophile, Marc Phillips, July 2020



    " If you need a compact speaker that allows your music to breathe, that’s big on expression, big on intimacy and communication but isn’t phased by big or loud, then the Alumine 2 could be just what you’re looking for. Other brands might make more noise about (and with) their aluminium boxes, but for me, right now it’s the Stenheims that are the ones delivering the musical goods. "

    The Audio Beat, Roy Gregory, March 2017


    Owners Testimonies

    “The 2's are obviously a very different speaker (…) The soundstage and layering is quite remarkable, they're wonderfully dynamic and produce a very impressive low end for their very diminutive size. Most importantly for me they pull out decently more detail in the music. They do still sound like bookshelf speakers however, and most would like a speaker with the capacity to produce more low end.”

    “(…) but I know what I like. And I really love these – they are very much to my taste.I cannot imagine that anyone who had any understanding of sound reproduction, they would need to be deaf not to hear how good these are. The speakers presentation is incredible.  It’s like a really beautiful dish placed in front of you and then you bite into it and you get an explosion of flavour. What I see amazing is that they don’t sacrifice other parts of the meal over one or two elements; they let everything shine.  It is a magic trick for sure.”


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