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Our rating is 100%, but that does not adequately represent our 21 years of extraordinary service to our customers and 44 years of expertise and integrity in the international high end audio community.

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200 WATTS at  8 OHMS, 400 WATTS at 4 OHMS


This MARK LEVINSON Nº 433 Three Channel Amplifier is almost LIKE NEW.  It’s had one owner who just passed away. It has the minutest of cosmetic issues – a few scuffs that are barely visible in the photos - so we have to call it merely "excellent". Please examine the photos as they are the best representation of its appearance and an essential part of the description.

This Nº 433 will include its original double shipping carton with all packing, manual, AC power cord, and jumpers.

The Nº 433 previously sold for $10,000.

This No. 433 is serial number 1264.

The Nº433, Mark Levinson’s first three channel, single-chassis power amplifier, is a significant milestone. It combines multichannel flexibility with the legendary quality and performance of our traditional single- and dual-monaural designs. The Nº433 is [Levinson’s] recognition that today’s home entertainment enthusiasts have a plethora of choices available to them, that a growing number of these choices use multi-channel sound to express artistic vision, and that today’s audiences deserve no less than the most truthful aural windows possible. The Nº433 is ideal for this demanding role.

A three-channel amplifier is inherently flexible. It lets you power all front speakers (Left, Center, and Right) with identical circuitry and use your existing amplifier for the surround channels. Are you adding multichannel capability to an already-exceptional stereo music system? The Nº433 can provide power for a Center and two Surround speakers.

Fitting three separate amplifiers in an enclosure normally devoted to one or two presented significant challenges, including potential interference and heat dissipation issues far beyond those encountered in single- and dual-mono amplifiers.

The Nº433 is no exception to the demanding standards that Mark Levinson amplifiers have defined for more than three decades. Rated at 200 watts per channel into 8 Ohms and 400 watts per channel into 4 Ohms, the Nº433 is convection cooled and utilizes exposed internal heat sinks for each channel.

With basic design directly traceable to [Levinson’s] Nº432 and Nº431 dual-monaural power amplifiers, the Nº433 boasts three massive and totally independent linear power supplies, each consisting of a low-noise toroidal power transformer and a bank of low-loss capacitors to insure copious energy storage. Control of this power reserve is the task of the power amplifier’s voltage gain and output stage circuitry, an area in which Mark Levinson amplifiers have always excelled.

Balanced circuitry, another facet of [Levinson’s] design expertise, is readily apparent in the Nº433. However, rather than take the less costly route of simply duplicating circuitry for both halves of the balanced input signal, [their] approach features an elegant new topology for greater efficiency, higher performance, and total sonic neutrality.

For more specifications and the full description please visit the Mark Levinson web site.

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The shipping carton weighs 130 pounds and measures: 26 inches by 26 inches by 17 inches. My postal code is 91723.

This unit operates with 120 volts AC. Buyers from outside of the United States should know in advance that PROFESSORMIKE does NOT change operating voltages, but that may be accomplished by a qualified technician once the unit has been purchased.

I will accept payments through PayPal .  ProfessorMike will pay the 3% Paypal fees – they will be included in the purchase price.


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